Saturday, September 19, 2015

MMQG Mini Swap - con't!

Ack! How has more than a week gone by and I haven't managed to show you other half of the MMQG Mini Swap. I must have been too busy admiring it to blog about it! To ease the pain of giving up the little lovely that I had really come to like over the course of making it, I got this wonderful mini in exchange!
My swap partner, K, didn't really need to read a questionnaire to know of my love of Konas. It's a pretty open secret! I can't say with certainty, but I think she used White, Breakers, and Bahama Blue with itty bits of Azalea and Goldfish. And perhaps Jade Green on the binding. Love 'em all!

Check out these improv blocks! What fun!
 And the quilting! There's matchstick, and wavy, and echo... oh my!

 I love the fishies on the back and the snippets of them on the front!
All in all, this swap was a big success! I enjoyed the process of making a challenging mini for my partner and was pleased with the finished product AND I got a mini in return that will happily live on the walls at my house. Win - win!

How about you? Are swaps normally a win-win or not so much? 



  1. Loved reading about the mini you received from your partner and the one you made for yours. I have been in 3 swaps on IG and I am happy to say I have enjoyed being creative and recieiving such fabulous minis! It has been a win-win experience for me!

  2. What a beautiful mini that was clearly made just for you! I bet it looks amazing in your sewing room - the colors seem just right. Private swaps have worked very well for me so far. :)

  3. It was a fabulous swap! The mini that your partner made for you is so you. You both did an amazing job.

  4. She did a great job. The improv blocks are a great focal point.

  5. I've loved getting to see some of the minis from this swap through different blogs. They have all been so lovely! I've never participated in a swap before, but I've heard mixed things about them before. Smaller and private seems to be the way to go from what I've heard!

  6. I wish I had been there to see all these wee quilts in person... I love this! The improv blocks please me greatly!


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