Monday, February 01, 2016

Kickin' off some selfish sewing!

It's February A.K.A The Month of the Dark Lord. Here in Nova Scotia, it can be a long, cold, dark month. With each winter storm, spring seems a little further away. But I'm brightening things up again this year by participating in...
Berry Barn Designs
The goal is make time every day for sewing and to make it selfish sewing. As I said last year, making time for sewing every day is, in itself, a selfish goal for me. Sewing is my "me" time, no matter what I'm working on.

Here are a couple projects I plan to spend my time on this month:
  • a new EPP project featuring fussy cut shapes
  • finishing my stitchable iPhone case
  • making improv pieced panels for DT's I Spy Polaroid quilt
  • play with my Mighty Lucky Quilt Club challenges (January: bias tape, February: Minimalist Improv)

And who knows? More fun things might present themselves over the course of the month. I'm granting myself permission to start any ole thing that strikes my fancy. As I did last year, I'll physically track my daily sewing on a calendar. But this year, it'll be my Quilter's Planner in it's swanky new cover! See... I've already done some selfish sewing this week!
 I'm particularly proud of the attached bookmark and my fancy use of ruler ribbon!

So, are you in? Pop on over and visit Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs and grab a button for your sidebar. Then get to choosing some fun stuff just for you!



  1. Yay for being selfish!!! Here in Montreal the temperature has been unseasonably nice!!??!! So we all are a lot less miserable than usual. I hope it will get better for you too.

  2. Nice cover! I noticed the MMQG sticker... niiiiiiiice!

  3. Ooooh! Very fancy use of ruler ribbon!

  4. Hi! I love your calendar's cover and the bookmark is super! I'm in. x Teje

  5. Your cover turned out awesome, I love the ruler ribbon! Our February as been unusually nice so far, but there are whispers of snow in the future. I just choose to not believe those whispers. LOL. If I manage to get out and get Wondertape and a bias tape maker, I may tackle the January challenge this month as well!

  6. Your cover is fantastic! And I love this challenge -- hats off to you for claiming a little "me" sewing time each day. Happy sewing!:)

  7. Your cover is fantastic! And I love this challenge -- hats off to you for claiming a little "me" sewing time each day. Happy sewing!:)

  8. Yeap, I'll try. Good luck with your goals!

  9. I like that swanky new cover. I still have to make mine.

  10. Nice fabrics! I really like the zip on the front!

  11. I never find February is that bad...maybe because it's a short month? November is the one I find feels dark and just takes forever to end! Your planner cover looks beautiful. I hope you're having fun with your selfish sewing :)


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