Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kona Love!

So exciting... a late Christmas present arrived this week! My Kona colour card!

243 colours of L-O-V-E! And they all have names!

I haven't done too much sewing this week... I keep getting distracted and looking at my colour card!

The next project I'm plotting is an all-Kona project. My guild, Mariner's Quilt Guild, has a workshop next week.  I needed a light, 3 mediums, and 3 darks. Here it is! Thanks to Q-D for Saturday's colour consult. In case you're wondering, that's kumquat, school bus, peacock, bahama blue, peapod, honeydew, and ash!

Now I'm just waiting on my first Kona fat quarter of the month collection to arrive in the mail. Oh the suspense! Will it be monochromatic or random? I'll let you know!


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  1. These look like the Quiltcon Challenge colors. Nice!


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