Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nobody puts Baby in a Corner - Part Deux!

After prepping all those HSTs for the girlie baby quilt for Ms. C, I just had to get sewing! I love a good session of chain piecing. Though I've pinned a few tutorials, I've yet to explore those wild techniques that produce 4 or 8 HSTs at time. I'm good with 2... for the moment.
Though it reads as white in these photos (and even in real life!), the Kona is the palest of pinks, Pearl Pink. There is a shocking amount of pink in my Kona stash at the moment - Pearl, Peony, and Pomegranate (thanks, Q-A!). Maybe I like pink more than I realize.
 I love snipping those little corners, don't you?
And all at once, those HSTs were done and it was time to sash... not a simple task, given the varying orientations of the blocks. I thought it was best to lay it out on the design floor. Okay, it's just the carpet in my studio, but until I make some firm decisions about the walls in my studio, it will have to do.
Here they are posing in the sunshine on the ironing board... please excuse the clutter. Sometimes, you just can't stage these things! Before you ask, yes, those are the Olympic mascots from Vancouver and yes, that's a hula girl. These things make me smile.
I'm going with the large focal print for the backing. I have lots and it looks so good in a big piece. I really hope Ms C likes this print. And of course, I had to save the stripe-y print for the binding. I only used a small amount on the actual top.... it's not one of my favs.
Ahh... time change. The bane of mothers with young children and the nemesis of amateur photographers/bloggers. Now that it's so dark so early, it's tough to get a half decent pic of my creations. Even with every light in my overly lighting designed kitchen on, this is as good as it gets this evening.
Next up, quilting! I have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear yours.

I'm planning to get to work on it this week-end at a sew day with Adrienne - the  chezzetcook modern quilts. The whirling dervish has been at it again - she's started up the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild - first of it's kind east of Montreal! I'm sure we'll be jabbering on about the upcoming inaugural meeting. We're also going to take a little break from jabbering and the sewing at some point and pop over to the Lawrencetown Sew-ciety's Quilt Show and Sale. All in all, a large day!

Hope you've got some sewing planned in your week-end - why not call up a sewin' pal and get together? Everyone loves a good stitch n' bitch! (Sorry, Mom!)


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  1. Hi Jenn, your decision to go with the almost white was a good one. It is lovely already! I don't have a specific suggestion for the quilting, so I will just throw a question: do you want the almost white to be a background and featuring the triangles, or do you want to put some emphasis on the white-ish spaces? This answer may dictate thread colour, and whether you go with all-over design or quilt something specific to highlight the triangles...


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