Saturday, November 02, 2013

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Okay, so maybe I'm starting to stretch it a bit when it comes to post names, but it seems like I'm always sewing something for babies! ☺ Even though it was a hectic week, I managed to carve out a few hours in the studio. I always feel better after some quality time with the machine/cutting mat/Kona.

I resolved the great Kona Quandary from a few days ago. I know you were worried about it, dear Reader! I went with my gut and chose...
... Pearl Pink! I like how it reads as almost white and since this isn't a quilt I'm going to be washing all the time, I'm going with the aesthetic over the practical. ☺Hopefully, Ms C won't mind.

Once I decided on the right Kona, I got down to brass tacks and figured out the pattern. My scratchings are based on a Pinterest photo and I'm no quilt-engineer like Q-D, so here's hoping it turns out something like the inspiration pic I showed you earlier this week. The guess work is all part of the fun, right?
My squares are all cut! I love cutting... sometimes I think would be fun to work in a quilt shop and make up kits! Though I suspect the novelty would wear off as quickly as it does for a first year teacher marking quizzes!

I've even got those HST squares layered and marked... can hardly wait to start sewing!

There's another baby girl on the way - this time for a co-worker, Ms. Fab. I did up a couple little gifties to tuck in with the group shower present this week. First up, my third taggie blanket! I just love those owls, but haven't had the right project to use them. These are so quick to make that I might go into production. Though I think I'd be happy just to have a few in reserve so I'm not sewing like a madwoman the night before the present has to be given!
Next up, more burp cloths from recycled t-shirts. Himself wears a lot of brown, so I had no shortage of it to back these prints. Since I had already cut into them for the HST quilt for Ms. C's little darling to be, I just kept on cutting! I've heard from a past recipient that they work really well. The recycled t-shirt material has already been washed lots, so it's likely pretty absorbent.
That's it for now... hoping for a quilt-y photoshoot while I'm on the road this week-end, but I don't think Mother Nature's going to cooperate. Didn't she get my weather request?

Thanks for reading and feel free to give your two cents (or should it be a nickel now that we've eliminated the dear little penny in these parts?)


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