Friday, November 01, 2013

ModQImprov Canada - November Edition

This month Queen B, SG-R, charged us with creating wonky houses. She based her request on a block tutorial found here.  The tutorial was for a Halloween house, but SG-R just wanted regular houses.

I put off working on this one for a long time. I think I was hung up on having to create something that actually looked like something. I'm not good with silly houses - think purple roofs and implausible roof lines - so this one was a stretch.

I used a Kona Lake as the background and a little Nature's Palette Fern for the door. That's for you, Q-D! I wanted the door and window to have some crisp white trim - so fiddly! The roof is my latest small scale print obsession - Rain by Timeless Treasures . To date, I have 3 of 39 colours. I expect that number to climb.

Okay. True confessions time here. I did not improv piece that tree. I wanted a tree and wanted it to not look like the dog's breakfast. So I paperpieced it from a Christmas wall hanging I made a while back. Isn't it considered improv to come up with creative solutions to challenging design questions?

In the end, it reminds me a little of the house I grew up in. Yellow house, grey roof, on a bit of a hill. If I were making it true to life, there'd be lilacs on the side of the house instead of that little pine tree!

This one doesn't have as far to go as some others, just over the bridge to Halifax!



  1. Thanks for the door, you knew I would love it!

  2. Yay! I guess I spoiled the surprise by reading your blog! It's a great block, thank you! I adore that tree! Wish I had a bunch more to add throughout the quilt.
    Oh, have you recieved your block yet?


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