Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday Finish - Mini, mini, mini mini.

So many minis!  And so much rainbow goodness!
These wee quilties were created entirely from my Kona stash. Yup. I even had to cull a few from the herd to get it down to 24 colours in the spectrum.
I knew I had to make something like this after checking out this book from my local library. I am smitten. I see a book purchase in my future.
 This one in particular caught my eye... 
Those little rainbow segments... I just had to make some. And then I went a little bonkers with the quilting. Yup. Each of those lines of stitching matches the pieced rainbow section.

 This one's just for Jayne @ Twiggy & Opal. A little rainbow thread money shot...
These minis make me so very happy. I sort of wish one of them was mine to keep. Alas, they are destined to be swapped. Maritime Modern Quilt Guild has partnered up with the illustrious Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild. Because we were a little low on participants on our end, I offered to make two.  

Did you notice that matched binding? Sometimes I just don't know when to stop!
These wee girlies with umbrellas just seemed right for the back of a rainbow quilt.

And, given that this quilt is going to another modern quilter, some vintage-y sewing notions seemed apt.
And then there's the mini mini. I knew I wanted to make a little something to send to my quilty kindred spirit, Lynn @ Buttons Quilts. She sent me such a wonderful birthday present/scrap swap bundle (more on that this Sunday). And there was still some rainbow left from my pieced strip...
So much quilting in such a small space... yum. The backing's a hoarded bit of rainbow raindrops... also used as backing on this lovely from way back in 2013. And no, I didn't make a mistake. I always put four hanging triangles on my quilts. That way, the recipient can decide how they want to hang it!
Judging from the number of emoticons (36... seriously) in the texts from Lynn upon opening her squishy envelope of rainbow goodness, I think she likes it. A lot. That makes me happy indeed!

The Deets  
Title(s): Rainbow Goodness  x 3
Inspiration: The Throne Room from Modern Rainbow by Rebecca Bryan
Size: Minis - 13 by 13 inches, mini mini - 7 by 7 inches
Konas Used: Sangria, Cardinal, Lipstick, Tangerine, Kumquat, School Bus, Papaya, Corn Yellow, Grellow, Wasabi, Peapod, Parrot, Grasshopper, Ultra Marine, Breakers, Turquoise, Malibu, Pacific, Riviera, Copen, Heliotrope, Regal, Berry, Geranium (in rainbow order) as well as Silver and Pepper for the backgrounds.
Quilting: Minis - Straight line quilting to match the pieced rainbow segment, mini mini - straight line quilting with varying spacing
Binding: Same as background for each quilt, with a wee snippet of Sangria and Berry! 
Favourite Part(s): Rainbow goodness. And making a quilty friend very happy!

I'm linking up with TGIFF @ Celtic Thistle Stitches, as well as with Finish Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts. Pop on over and check out some fab finishes!


P.S. Don't forget that next Thursday, April 7th is Throwback Thursday. It's your monthly opportunity to link-up a quilt (and its story) from your dark quilty past! Hope to see you there!


  1. Wow! All this rainbow goodness. What a wonderful way to start my Friday. I love that you matched up the threads. See you on Thursday.

  2. Love your mini rainbow quilts!

  3. What a splash of happiness in colour. I love it! ��

  4. These are so fun! I'm jealous of your Kona stash! ;) That book looks great, I'll have to pick one up!

  5. I love your money shot...worthy of this months centerfold...if there was such a thing as a quilting centerfold. Rainbows galore! It looks like you had so much fun piecing and quilting these. The thread changes are crazy! A great big YUM to it all Jenn!

  6. Only 36 emoticons? :) Success indeed! It's a beautiful rainbow.

  7. Such beautiful minis and that money shot had me drooling :)

  8. I just can't imagine the trouble of changing thread 20 times. It's really looks good, it was worth the trouble.

  9. I'm glad Lynn enjoyed her mini mini. You did a great job on all three. Way to go!

  10. Love at first sight :) Lovely minis!

  11. Rainbow bright! I love to run out and look for rainbows when the conditions are just right! We get lots of them in CB. Will definitely have to look for that book. I think the Halifax library has the best selection! Have a wonderful evening! XO

  12. What beautiful minis. The rainbow thread really makes the quilt - it's lovely.

  13. How clever! I love the rainbow drops on the back. I might even have a bit of that in my stash somewhere.

  14. So much rainbow yumminess! I love how you matched the thread with the Kona - no doubt a lot of work but it takes the mini up a notch. :) I'll have to keep my eye out for that book, looks like it has some good inspiration in it!

  15. What wonderful bright,cheerful rainbow finishes!

  16. These wee quilts are super fun... hope there are some Kona Nerds in that guild to love them like we would!


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