Friday, August 05, 2016

Friday Finish - Gemma-tastic!

 It's #notaquilt, but at least it's for me! I even wore it today!
When I read Rae from Made by Rae's post last week about her new pattern, Gemma, I could hardly contain my excitement. I love her patterns, but they just aren't sized for me. You may remember my Beatrix fail from last year. But not so this new pattern! Nine sizes! Woo hoo! The style is simple and totally up my alley!
The puzzle doer in me loves a digital download pattern. Putting all those pages together makes me happy!
 This could have been my Thursday Finish post! ☺
I used a few fun tricks when prepping the pattern pieces. I didn't want to cut my main pattern to make the lower scoop neck (versus the jewel neck), so I used my Hera marker to mark the cutting line through the pattern. I did something similar to mark the dart lines.
I also decided to play around with the finishing stitches on my trusty Pfaff. I even marked each one with the stitch number so I could compare (and not forget!)

What did I do before Wonderclips? So much more precise than pinning.
 I love how the arm and neck binding turned out. Not so different from binding mini mini quilts!
 Part of me thinks it would look a lot cuter in a smaller size, but then I couldn't wear it... so it is what it is.
  I love the nice wide straps on the Gemma tank. So work appropriate!
Rae's technique for prepping the hem is ingenious. I shan't give it away, but it's a great tip! It came out so much smoother than I ever would have anticipated!
Instead of making a muslin version to play with the fit and check sizing (as recommended by Rae), I opted to buy an inexpensive shirting fabric. I can't bear the idea of doing all that work and not having a finished product. I also cringe at the idea of using expensive fabric I love and not having a wearable product. I can hardly wait to make my next one! I'd be linking up with Finish Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts if she weren't on a social media break for August. Sadness. But I am going to link up with TGIFF @ Quokka Quilts!


P.S. No finish for you this Friday? Why not make it a Flashback Friday and write a post about a quilt from your dark quilty past? Then you can link up with this week's Throwback Thursday for a chance to win some fab prizes!


  1. I'm with you . I also make my first run through a pattern with sale fabric or cheap fabric as like you I don't want to do the work with nothing to show for it and I don't want to waste the good stuff!

  2. It is lovely. I love this pattern too but have completely avoided garment sewing since I started sewing. Maybe 2017 will be the year I try!

  3. Awesome job! I start thinking about garment sewing every once and a while, but always talk myself out of it. Lol. Looking forward to seeing what fabric you choose for your next one! 😊

  4. Congratulations! It's so satisfying to sew something which fits perfectly, especially for us curvy girls πŸ˜‰ πŸ’š.

  5. Wow! You did great! I was jus sure you'd end the post with a picture of you modeling it! XO

  6. Awesome finish! I agree about not wasting time making a muslin...I think that's where I'm stalled with my Washi dress. Think I just need to jump in and do it.

  7. Way to go! Looks fantastic! Great use of the hera marker too!

  8. Nice hem and great binding. That must be a good tip. I like how you turned your 'muslin' into a workable top. Clever. Now you can make one in fancy embroidered silk with confidence!
    I always use cheap interfacing to trace my size from a multi-size pattern. Like you, I hate cutting up the master. What if I grow and need the bigger size later? I never thought of using my Hera marker.

  9. Thanks for a lovely pattern review -- I'm so glad you liked Gemma!!!


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