Thursday, March 07, 2013

More Squares

It's been a while since we managed a Saturday of sewing - sometimes life just gets so busy!

Only 3/4 of the Squares could make it on this occasion, but our other 1/4 had a good reason. Injured offspring and new grand-babies are always an acceptable excuse! Congratulations, Q-B!

Q-A came with a pile of finished quilt tops. We often do "quilt consults" at these quilt therapy sessions and this session was no exception. Sometimes you just can't see your way forward in a project and another pair of eyes (or two) helps a great deal. Most of the consults this time were of the "How do I quilt this?" variety!

This might just be one of my favs of Q-A's and not just because it has a healthy helping of Kona.  It's from a pattern in Spring 2010 Quilts and More. I recognized as the cover quilt right away! Interestingly, Ade over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts has also made this one. I like it so much that I really don't understand why I haven't made it myself.The fabrics came from a Sew Sisters fat quarter of the month club selection and Q-A selected the purple print  and the green Kona.
Q-D is working on yet another organizational marvel, this time as a gift for a family friend. She started the day with this...
And ended it with something more like this!

I have talented friends, don't I?


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