Sunday, April 21, 2013

A day with the Squares and Sewin`Sunday!

Seems like I`ve been managing to pack a lot into my week-ends lately. By a lot, I mean a lot of sewing. May`s looking like a busy month, so I`m going to keep sewing up a storm in April.

Saturday meant another quilt therapy session with the Squares. It was a bit of an odd session project-wise. Q-A opted to work on a vest/shawl. Making clothes is not usually her forté, but with Q-B in the house, there was lots of support. She finished it up by day's end... I think there's a new outfit for work this week!


Q-B was also working away on clothing - her MotB dress for Miss S's wedding just 8 weeks away. There were a few setbacks, but she left at suppertime with more done than when she arrived!

Only Q-D and I were working on quilt projects. But shockingly, Q-D didn't even take her machine out of the car!
She was hand-stitching away on the binding of a sweet girl-y baby quilt. It's based on a pic from this website found on Pinterest. Here she is trying out my fancy new binding clips... part of a bunch of goodies sent to me by Adrienne over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts as part of her Crafty Pay it Forward.
I'm very lucky to have gotten such a treat in the mail. I've decided to revive my attempt at Crafty Pay it Forward. So far I`ve got two takers. There are still three slots left, so if you`d like to be the recipient of some crafty kindness, leave me a comment. But you`ve gotta pay it forward!

I was in dire need of consults on Mr & Mrs Cousin's wedding quilt and on Child's Play. At the risk of being predictable, I went with diagonal quilting. It just felt right.

And today, I finished quilting both! I just couldn't stop... I've even got the binding done for the wedding quilt.

I love the binding... if this quilt were for me, it would be the backing too!

Here's me working away on Child's Play... this one's been hanging around forever! The blue print with multi-coloured stars is the same one I used for Miss K's baby quilt... I`m now working on a quilt for her 13th birthday. (It was so long ago that I don't even have a digital pic of it to share!)

I think one of the main reasons I didn't go forward with this quilt is that it had some construction issues. They reared their ugly heads when I was quilting it today, but I decided to just roll with it. An imperfect finished quilt is better than any unfinished top, right?

The construction issues really show in these little stars in the sashing. My piecing just wasn't precise enough back in the day. But now, with the popularity of wonky stars, I think I'll just say they were meant to be unique! I even like 'em so much I'm going to bind the quilt in teal to highlight them. Who knew what started out as a flaw could be the thing I like the most?

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!


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  1. So glad your treats are put to great use already! How fun to have a group to sew with. Luckeeee!


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