Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WiP! And on a Wednesday too!

It's starting to feel a little more like springtime here on the East Coast. Today, I escaped the classroom and took a little road trip (still work related) to the Annapolis Valley. It was sunshine and blue skies all the way there and back!

My latest quilt finish went with me...

We had a little photo shoot. It was windy and I kept worrying that she'd blow away! I could just imagine myself chasing her all the way to the four lane highway that you can't see in this pic. That's beautiful Blomidon in the distance.
I wanted to play in the studio a little last week-end and my current projects weren't calling me. So I started digging in my 2 1/2 inch square collection and sewing little sections of colour together. As it grew, I laid it out on the floor (I know, I know, I need a design wall) and made transition sections to go from colour to colour.  Et voilĂ ! I'm really pleased with the quilting... totally different than what I would normally do, but that was kind of the point. Reminds me of ripples in a pond...

Also on the spring theme, here are the placemats I whipped up for the 'Rents for Easter. I couldn't resist staging them a little for pics. No, I didn't eat off them before wrapping them up.
Not quite as spring-y... but it makes me think of summer and boogie boarding.... I finished up my flip and sew project from the Elaine Quehl workshop. I blogged about it already here.

Pretty happy with the quilting again... used variegated thread. I'm not usually brave enough to use it, but I had enough different colours in my collection to do three of four sections!

Now, on to the List!

Child's Play - no progress. Just not sure how to quilt it. Need a Q-Square consult.
Jewel Squares -  backing and batting purchased today!

Mr & Mrs Cousin's wedding quilt - backing pieced, waiting to be layered and pinned. Check out my pattern matching... never done that before!
Mme S-S's retirement quilt - STILL waiting for main fabric to arrive
K's Dare - no progress
Transformer - no progress

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday! With a Q-Squared quilt therapy session booked for Saturday, I see more quilting in my immediate future!



  1. Can you guess how I feel about the quilt you took to Blomidon??? <3 <3

    The 'Rents should enjoy USING their placemats, they remind me of a pile of presents. :-)

    I think you need to do a Q-Squared mini-workshop on the waves.

    Pattern matching the it should be.

    Looking forward to therapy!!!!!

  2. Love the circle quilting on your rainbow number. very nice. and I am loving the place mats!

  3. just noticed I recognize fabric from your stash from back in the day!

  4. I do have new fabric, Adrienne! Really I do! It's just that some of those squares have been around for a LONG time! There are even some from your projects in there!


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