Thursday, April 11, 2013


Damn. I so meant to post this last night! Let's call it Work In Progress Thursday. I know at least one reader is out there waiting with bated breath for this week's update. So here we go!

On the Gotta Do department:

Jewel Squares!
Child's Play - layered and pinned, ready to quilt
Jewel Squares - top completed
Mr & Mrs Cousin's wedding quilt - backing arrived today, already washed!
Mme S-S's retirement quilt - waiting for main fabric to arrive
K's Dare - blocks complete (though I do need to check if she's got a double or queen bed these days!)

More Jewel Squares!

And after five hours of picking and tearing, the foundation paper is officially gone! Thanks to my Do-Bee pals for the assistance!

K's Dare thus far!

I also whipped up some placemats over the Easter week-end as a little Easter gift-y for the 'Rents. These were probably is more of a Mom gift than a Dad gift, but at least he might get to eat off them. I purposely made only two so that they would be used for every day and not saved for guests! Sadly, no pics today.... perhaps nect time!

Now, stop reading this and get sewing. You know there's something you're excited to work on sitting there waiting for you!



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