Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I spent a lot of time quilting this past week-end and really made some headway on The List. There's just something I love about crossing an item off... it makes me keep stitching well past when my back and shoulders say I should! And since Himself is away, the cat will play!

Child's Play - DONE! I'm thinking of selling this one... Himself thinks it's a great plan! Once it stops raining here on the beautiful East Coast, there will be pics!

Jewel Squares - fully quilted and ready to bind! Though it's hard to see in this pic, I quilted it  in an asymmetrical pattern of radiating circles.

Mr & Mrs Cousin's wedding quilt - DONE! I really hope they like it. When I make a project that's a little outside of my comfort zone, I worry the recipient won't be gaga over it. This fabric is amazing... not what I'd usually choose, but I'm lovin' it now. I've got more pics, but think I'll wait until it's safely delivered to show them off!

The troublesome fabric...
Mme S-S's retirement quilt - main print arrived, but now I'm stumped. A visit to my local fabric shop produced absolutely nothing in the way of co-ordinating fabric. I`m feeling like I need to go back to the drawing board, but time is of the essence on this one!

K's Dare - no progress
Transformer - no progress
Ocean Strata - no progress 
2012 M1 quilt - top almost complete
2013 M1 quilt  - blocks complete

A few new items made it onto the list this week! Normally, I only revise the list in January, but I'm getting to close to finishing off everything. Besides, if I don't add to it, what on earth would I have to write about each Wednesday?

My school's Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope team is planning a Mother-Daughter Tea for the beginning of May. They're looking for silent auction items, so I whipped up a set of placemats to donate.

I've made these before. They're really good for fat quarters. If you cut carefully, you get enough fabric to do the patchwork along the sides and then use the remaining fabric for the back of the mats.

I've had these fat quarters hanging around for ages. It was an 8 print collection and it gave me enough for the patchwork sides, backs, and binding.

I wanted these to feel spring-like, so I picked up the yellow in the prints for the middle sections. That's Kona Sunflower!

I did some more of random straight line quilting. I'm really looking forward to doing this on something larger than placemats or a baby quilt.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for some more sunshine soon... though grey and foggy suits just as well for quilting anyhow!



  1. I say again, those jewled squares are friggin amazing! Love!

  2. Thanks, Ade! Gotta love Kaffe Fassett... though I think I'm off paper piecing for a little while!


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