Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy birthday to...

Miss K! As in the recipient of Miss K's Dare!

It's been a long time since Miss K had a new quilt. She got her last one on her 2nd birthday, just 11 short years ago. I can hardly believe she's officially a teenager. I know aunties say that sort of dreck all the time, but I really feel that way.

If you're a reader of my WiP posts, you'll know that this quilt has been lurking around the studio for a few months at least. It's a Kona-fest to be sure... featuring Ash Regal, British Peri, Lilac and Peacock.

 A lot of planning went into the placement of those "random blue blocks.
 A breezy day out in the sunshine before quilting!
This quilt was crying out for a little something different for it's photoshoot. It seemed only right given that the original pattern is called Dare to Different.

So we went on a little adventure...
This is Sir Samuel Cunard, 1st Baronet - proud Haligonian and founder of the Cunard Line. He's a serious fellow, but seems to appreciate a colourful quilt. 
I think Sir Samuel was actually having some fun here. The functionary that popped out of an office somewhere to tell me that I couldn't do what I was doing didn't seem to think so. Fun sponge. Lucky for me, I'd already been there for 10 minutes snapping pics before he "caught" me.
You likely can't see it, but every once in a while in that grey diagonal stitching, there's a line of purple or peacock. Gotta throw a little surprise in there!
 Showing off that peacock backing... and Sir Samuel's lovely frockcoat!
 Just so you can see it all spread out...

And after all my obsessing, the newly minted teenager loved it. Love, happiness, and quilts. A perfect combo.
Happy birthday, Miss K! Love you!

(A very proud, as always) Aunt J

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  1. I love it!! I finally got a gmail account, but it took forever as it seemed every variation of Anja was taken, except one.


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