Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Neverending HSTs!

A while back I fell in love with this table runner over at Sew4Home. You know how I love a project using solids! With all the Kona fat quarters that I've been getting in the mail (the Christmas gift that goes on and on), I figured I had lots of colours to work with.

Alas, I didn't have the range of colours I needed. The pattern called for a Charm Pack of Michael Miller Cotton Couture, so that sent me off to the internet for a little shopping. Fat Quarter Shop had just what I wanted - a Kona Charm Pack. I've never ordered one of these before - always been leery of the charm pack since I'm a dedicated pre-washer. More new things! And, no, they didn't just throw in that Pearl Bracelet fabric... I've always wanted some. So hard to choose what colour!

 It was tough breaking into that charm pack. The hoarder in me just wanted to keep it. My precious Kona!

It took some doing to convert the pattern from Michael Miller Cotton Couture colours. The original pattern gives the names and numbers, but not for Konas! I tried to go all Q-D on the project, but I just didn't have it in me. Ultimately, I just winged it with what I had, keeping roughly the same number of each colour.
Okay, so I went t a little Q-D... those little dots you see are some of my fav Martha Stewart labels. And yes, there are 40 different colours in this one. Not counting the White and Charcoal!
 I used that handy dandy HST trick where you mark a diagonal line...
... then sew a with a quarter inch seam allowance on either side and cut on the marked line....
...producing two HST blocks.  Ultimately, I'll have enough blocks to make two table runners!
I love trimming HST blocks... all those cute little snippets. I can't justify keeping them, but I can take pictures!
Then sewing together. I dredged up another out gem of a quick sewing technique - leaving the columns connected as I chain piece. No way I wanted to take a chance on getting the colour placement mixed up once I got this far!
 And voila, all stitched together!
I quilted it as directed, in the ditch on the diagonal... part of me wants to add more stitching, but I don't want to distract from those lovely Konas!
But then there was a problem... the charm pack had a quite a few squares I didn't use. Orphans! There were a lot of pale pinks, blues, and greens. They seemed to cry out for a baby quilt - inspired by the many I've pinned! Just a sample... Grab the marking pen... time for more HSTs!

This time, I went for two shades of grey - Charcoal and, you guessed it, Ash! - along with the white.
 Ah... one day I will have a design wall instead of a design floor! In case you're looking for a pattern here, I was going for random (and not too many pinks together!)
I'm pretty pleased with the quilting... straight line asymmetrical. Another baby quilt for the collection.
 Doesn't she look happy out there on the deck? Orphans no more! The daylily shot is just for you, Mom!
Even after two projects, I'm still lovin' the Kona HST. Which is a good thing since I have another table runner to make!

Hope you're sewin' away on something you're loving!



  1. I like that I am now an adjective. :-) I especially like the baby quilt and the way it is quilted.

  2. I'll have to try to use that adjective this week!!! Love your HST's.


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