Sunday, July 07, 2013

Oh Baby!

I so enjoyed making some presents for Q-B's new grandbaby (read about that...) that when I heard that a friend in far off Ontario had a little girl this week, I got to work. I really like to wait until I know if the little monster's a boy or a girl. Neutral fabrics are fine, but sometimes just not as much fun!

First off, some burp cloths. I made two different sizes this time. The ones I made last time seemed a little small... given how much can come out of a newborn at burp time. One set is 10½ by 18½ and the other is 12½ by 18½. I've been in love with this owl fabric for a while... just one of those buys you make on impulse. The only con about it was that it's pink... I don't usually work with much pink. But the lime greens, teals, and oranges are right up my alley! You've probably spotted an Amy Butler print in the pile as well... I don't limit myself to "baby prints." And babies never seem to say a thing about your fabric choices, even if they're not really into bold prints! ☺

 I used old t-shirts as the backing... I've got to save some more in case of more babies!


On to the taggy blanket... my cousin paid some crazy price for one of these in a local baby boutique. Just two 13 by 13 squares sewn together with ribbon tucked in the seam. Hers was backed with flannel.. I managed to find some minkee fabric in the scrap bin. Babies love texture!

 Add in a custom onesie from the present stash...

And all that's left is to get this little prezzie package in the mail this week!

Working with that pink owl fabric got me going... I've had a little pile of fabrics that I pulled from the stash sitting in my studio for months, but I just didn't know what to make with them. Off I went to my copy of Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee, and found the Wonky Roman Stripe block.

June - Wonky Roman Stripe Block - Kristen Lejnieks
I scaled mine down to a 5 inch finished block and didn't "wonk" the strips quite as much.

When I got my February Kona fat quarters in the mail, I was a little disappointed. Pinks? What am I going to do with pinks? I guess I answered that question, albeit a few months later! I used (from lightest to darkest) Candy Pink, Bright Pink, and Pomegranate.

Guess I've got another baby quilt to quilt this week... that makes three! 

Any suggestions on how to quilt this, loyal readers?



  1. On the diagonal, perpendicular to the stripes.

    1. Perpendicular, eh? That's tempting! Just across each block or more?

  2. Ah, Jen, I was thinking "diagonal lines, perpendicular..." Looks like QD beat me to it. I would do about 5 lines across each block. One in the middle and two each side, but I would not worry about equal spacing.

  3. It would seem to be a consensus... I'm going bold and using bahama blue thread. Maybe... if I don't chicken out!

  4. Perpendicular turned out perfectly. Good thing you posted these baby things, I got invited to a baby shower last night....the shower is tomorrow. A taggy blanket and a couple of burp clothes it will be. Thank you!


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