Monday, July 01, 2013

ModQImprovB Canada - July edition!

Happy Canada Day everyone!
Time to flip the calendar page over to July... at least metaphorically (my calendar's digital!) and get to the post office to mail this month's block!

This month's Queen Bee asked us to think lines, maybe curves and negative space. The colour choices were open, as was the decision of prints or solids. On a sunny afternoon back in June, I whipped up this little lovely!

I used the techniques I learned in the Free Form Curves class I took a few months back. My skills were a little rusty from disuse, but at came back to me eventually!

That's my trademark Kona Ash paired with (left to right) Kumquat, School Bus, and Robin Egg. The block wanted to go to the beach for its photo, but I wasn't feeling the drive. You can't let the fabric make ALL the decisions!

Here's hoping this month's Queen Bee is happy when she opens up that envelope!


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