Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallowe'en!

Now that the doorbell has stopped ringing, I can get back to blogging! It may have something to do with the fact that I turned off all the lights and am hiding in my studio!

Just wanted to share the couple of Hallowe'en themed sewing projects I've done in the last couple years. I try not to make too much - I mean, it's only out for a week or so a year. I suspect I may one day break down and make a couch quilt. There are just too many fun Hallowe'en prints out there!

Here's little Miss Witchy!
She's just 20 inches square and is part of my collection of mini quilts that I like to hang over my desk. She's paper-pieced (and yes, some of those pieces are very narrow!) and comes from Maaike Bakker's book, Spellbinding Quilts. I bought it during the Harry Potter craze.... can't say I've made a lot from it, but it's fun!

And who doesn't love bunting?
One of the things I find tough about Hallowe'en is all the disposable decorating, so I opted to make bunting for my classroom instead of buying plastic junk. When the season's over, I just stack up the pennants and tuck them away. They don't even need to be ironed the next year! I've also got some for Christmas and am always planning to make more - maybe a strong or two will get made for Valentine's Day this year.

I also sewed up a Hallowe'en skirt this year... sorry, no pics. I'm not in to selfies. I'm hoping this doesn't break Ade and I's age old pact of no quilted clothing. It's not quilted per se, just made from quilting cotton!

Happy Hallowe'en all! Hope it was filled with lots of trick or treaters. Though not so many that you don't have a few of your favourite treats left for yourself. Mmmm.... peanut butter cups! ☺


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