Friday, February 14, 2014

Bee-ing on time!

No big finish for me this Friday, but there was definitely a lot of sewing going on! Sometimes those monthly Bee blocks sneak up on me. I mean, it's the middle of the month! Better get to work! First up, Global Scrap Bee. Aylin over at Aylin-Nilya decided on this block. She was looking for low volume prints. This trend is a new one to my stash. I wasn't sure I had much. Here's what I found...
 And limes and teals. I've got lots of those!
And here they are! Since these were quick to do, I threw in a couple extras. I also wanted to make sure there were enough if she decided that that button fabric isn't low volume enough.
It's a simple, effective block and went together very quickly. I would have loved to do these strip pieced, but when you're only making four it hardly seems worth it. Have I mentioned that the worst part of being in all these bees is that you want to make a full quilt of every danged block you make?

For ModQImprovB Canada (sorry, no Flickr pool for this one!), the block of choice this month was Bottled Rainbows. I'd be lying if I said this one didn't scare me. There's appliqué in there. Yikes! But after the torture I inflicted on my bee-mates with the now infamous improv herringbone. My assigned colour was grey... not so rainbow-y. But I did have some in the stash to work with, so it was all good.
My goal was not to repeat any of the fabrics... I don't know why. I couldn't resist sneaking in that little camera print in the upper right hand corner. And there are THREE different Kona solids! ☺ Here is all glued (yes, I said glued) in place. My first time using a glue stick whilst quilting!
I thought about fussy cutting one of these rectangles from the Keep Calm fabric, but thought the recipient might not really appreciate that!
And here it is all stitched down. I am, well, not 100% happy with this block. I'm not at all comfortable with machine appliqué... guess it's good to push one's limits! The grey pieces frayed when I stitched them and the zigzag puckered up a bit. The original version is QAYG, and I think it might have worked a little better.
I hope this month's Queen Bee doesn't think it sub par, but I'd understand if she did! I'm embracing imperfection... it's in the mail already!



  1. Really like your blocks! I didn't know about the bottled rainbows block. Looks great! I have to get to work on my Global scrap bee blocks too...

  2. Awesome blocks! And the bottle rainbow block is perfect! She'll love it! I guess i should get a move on mine eh? Maybe that will be today's project!

  3. I can't unsee those bee blocks you made! Now I have to think about making that quilt. Help Me! Your Bottled Rainbow block is wonderful. Love the fabrics you used. I find when you machine applique you really need a stabilizer. I was discouraged at first and then I tried putting a piece of tracing paper underneath or anything flimsy that you can tear away once you are finished, and now I don't mind doing machine applique. . Tearing away is a pain but it does help to prevent puckering. Worst of two evils.

  4. I wonder about some fusible interfacing for the machine applique? that might stop the fraying and puckering? I may try it when I make my block - must get on that!


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