Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Stash #2 - The one with low volume (and a winner)!

I opted out of Sunday Stash last week... I mean if Molli Sparkles is on vacay, it just seems a little lacklustre! But this week... I'm baaaack (and so is he)! 
Last week, These came into my stash and went right on out... they're already sewn into Young B's Oh Deer quilt top! And shockingly, I bought such a small cut (just 0.2m or 8 inches for you imperial measurers out there) that I don't even have enough selvage to tell you a danged thing about them!
I do have a little more info on these! On the left, Dot in silver and white by Timeless Treasures and, on the right, Masquerade V by Fresh Designs for Henry Glass. These are what pass for low volume at my LQS. More on low volume a little later...
Now what's this?
That's not fabric, you say? True dat. But it did come into my sewing world last week! And it was such an out there purchase for me that I thought it merited a mention! I blame it all on the Skill Builder BOM over at Pile of Fabric. She's a starcher. God help me. I'm going to starch fabric. Because washing, drying, and ironing it wasn't enough work.

This week, I decided to treat myself to some fabric-y birthday presents from Canadian on-line shop, Mad About Patchwork. I was a bit practical in that I ordered the SunPrint Text needed for the setting triangles on my Toes in the Sand quilt. I could happily order every colour of this!
Also on the practical side, I picked up a few red and blue prints with this hockey quilt in mind. Who could that possibly be for? Not someone's hockey lovin' nephew, J-boy! ☺ That's Pearl Bracelet in Anchor, Remix Ovals in Red, and Oval Elements in Sapphire. 
Then came the impulse buys! This glorious FQ bundle of Michael Miller's Domino Dot. Love, love, love! That purple-y fabric may be my 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge inspiration! I better get my butt in gear on that one!
I had to take Dominique (from the Running Thimble)'s advice and order a low volume stash builder  It's all her fault... she made these and these. Enough said. There's all sorts of goodies in there: (from top to bottom) Stitch Squares in Sea, Pearl Bracelet in Glacier, Botanics Leaves in Curry, Botanics Graph Paper Garden in Curry, La Creme Swiss Dots in Red, Minimalista Prisma Noir, White On White Basics Medium Dot, and Sun Print Text in Mulberry. Mmmm... Sun Print. Mmmmm.... Pearl Bracelet. So powerless to resist...

I'm linking up with Sunday Stash over at Molli Sparkles. If you're not reading his blog (yes, I said his) blog, you're missing out!

And the winner of the birthday giveaway is.... Cattherine from Knotted Cotton. She said "Everything looks great - and your pebble quilting is enviable:-) No I couldn't spot an error!" And no, I didn't choose her because she loves my pebble quilting! I used a random number generator. Honest!



  1. LOVE those domino dots! I will be interested to hear about this starching business

  2. Wow, what a haul! The dominos are lovely.

  3. Oh my what fabric goodness. I love the sparkles on white fabric.

  4. I think I NEED some domino dots of my own! I have to say, last year I went back to starching after years of not bothering. It helps with precision piecing, for me at least.

  5. I love being the enabler! You sure are not on fabric fast...

  6. I love those Domino Dots! Alyssa over at Pile O'Fabric got me hooked on Best Press too. I won't even cut into my fabric without starching first! It has made such a difference in my blocks. I don't go to the trouble of washing and drying though... unless it's red. Learned my lesson with THAT color the hard way!

    Beautiful low volume fabrics too!

  7. Mmm, domino dots are delish. The red and blue basics are great as well. I also starch when I'll be doing precise piecing. It just all goes faster and better. On the top photo the one on the right is a sketch fabric, though I don't know what color. Love sketch as well.

  8. Love those Domino Dots!! and you low-vol haul! And of course the sun text print! Awesome stash this week!

  9. I am going to try this again, last night me comment was sent off into cyberspace never to be seen again. :-(

    The whole low volume thing has me perplexed, I just do not understand it. What makes a fabric low volume?? Is there a definition?? I discussed it with my mother and she said she could not hear a sound, they all were low volume. ;-) I went through my fabric collection and found five fabrics that I would consider LV, but there are probably others. Are tone on tones LV?? Do the backgrounds need to be white or almost white? Oh, the stress!!!!!!

    1. Oh, your funny mother! According to Craftsy, "A Low Volume fabric can best be defined as a fabric which shows up as a light solid (or nearly solid) in a black and white photograph. These fabrics can vary from the lightest tone on tone fabrics, to text fabrics printed on a light background, to light floral fabrics. Fabrics classified as Low Volume come in a variety of colors from white to cream to beige to grey."

    2. OK, I am going to be brave and use a few others from my stash. I am even going to mix whites and beiges, oh my!!!!

  10. OH, and by the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the silver dots on white... and the dominos are pretty cool as well.


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