Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Finish! - Gotta love a zipper pouch!

The September meeting of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild was last night and we had another fantastic exchange! This time - zipper pouches! The style and size was totally up to the makers. Here's what I whipped up!

When I saw the pattern in Issue 10 of Love Patchwork & Quilting (sent to me by a lovely Global Scrap Bee mate), I knew I had to make it! This is one magazine that could make me break my quilting mag fast... there's just so many good things in there! So tempting!
I whipped up the paper pieced cassette block in short order...even though it was a challenge finding something round to make the cassette reels and getting that little bit of selvage positioned perfectly to act as the label. And then... hmmm.... how to make it into a zipper pouch? Luckily, I remembered those Noodlehead Road Trip Cases I made recently and went for the leftover vinyl in my closet.
I made sure to sneak one of my labels on before I added the vinyl back and bound it...
I'd be lying if I said I'm not tempted to make another one... it was hard to give away! But the deal was, bring a zipper pouch, get a zipper pouch. What did I take home? Why this little lovely!
 It even features a bottom gusset so it will stand on its own and I do love a good owl print!
There were so many lovely pouches flying around... if you keep a watch on our guild's blog, you'll likely see pics of all of them!


P.S. I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts... I mean, it's Friday afterall!


  1. Love the pouch you made...and the pouch you received. I love that gusset bottom.

  2. And I was lucky enough to win the pouch!! It is very cute, not sure if I'll use it for sewing supplies, or cosmetics when I travel yet. My girlies thought it was neat too, although I had to explain what a cassette tape was;)

  3. I really love the pouch you made... Looks like something for my to do list

  4. What a lucky swap partner you have!

  5. Both wonderful! What a great swap we had. Every single pouch was amazing.

  6. That Love Quilting magazine is the ONLY one that I ever covet. I have recently picking them up because there are just so many good projects!

  7. Ooh! Clever vinyl zipper pouch in exchange for clever free-standing gusset pouch! Was it a partner swap or random draw?

  8. now I want everything to have a see-through window. Love this pouch!

  9. This is a wonderful pouch. I would have been tempted to keep it too......but you did get a beauty in return. I wish I'd been there to see them in person.


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