Monday, January 26, 2015

Merry Bee-lated Christmas again!

I know, I know... enough with the Christmas stuff! But don't you remember? My bee-mates and I like to extend the season a little and hold our holiday dinner in late January when we're not too busy to enjoy ourselves.

This year as my gift to my bee-mates, I decided to do my own version of a little something I found on Pinterest. I was careful about where I pinned this - did you know you can create secret boards? They're great for projects and ideas you don't want to share with the whole planet (or your friends who follow you on Pinterest!)
What is it, you say? Why a magnetic pin tray, of course!
They're quite easy to make... I don't know if I can even call this a tutorial. It's that easy.  Himself dabbed on the adhesive and I put the (very strong) magnets in place.
We used PL Premium construction adhesive. Himself tells me it is ridiculously strong. This is not my department.
I was thinking tidy dabs, but Himself felt that the excess glue would make the magnets stick better...
 Let it dry for a few hours and voilĂ !
I was pretty pleased with myself that I managed to find trays with the first initial of all of my bee mates! I might of sat down on the floor in front of the bin at Michael's and rummaged until I did. The things we do in the name of crafts!
All presents are made better with the addition of chocolate.
All wrapped up and ready to go! Not terribly Christmas-y, but we seem to have a lot of pink and blue tissue paper around our house! ☺
And here's my loot from the evening. Remember, each person makes/buys a present for every other bee mate. It's meant to be something small - under 5$. I'm always amazed and pleased with what these creative ladies come up with!
 There might have been some chocolates... but I don't know quite where they went! ☺

And since it would be just plain 'ole rude to make you read all about presents and not share, I'm offering a giveaway today. It's also in honour of my 200th post! Just leave me a comment - tell me about the most memorable present you ever received. And what will you get from me? Well, just like Christmas morning, you won't know until you unwrap it! You have until midnight (Atlantic Time) on Wednesday, January 28th to comment! ***Giveaway has ended!***


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  1. The most memorable? Hmmm, that is a tough one! I am super thankful for the sewing machine I was gifted on Christmas in 2000, and honestly I rank my engagement ring as the best present of all time. :) The magnetic pin trays are awesome!

  2. My most memorable? So many (as I have had quite a few Christmases)! An early one is the year I didn't tell Santa I really wanted a Barbie (I got a stuffed poodle!) The same year, my Dad bought me a little brooch in the shape of a bow with a polished yellow stone hanging from it (I still have it - some 50 years later.) In 1976, I got a Brother sewing machine from my in-laws. It lasted through 3 children's wardrobes, endless Barbie outfits & dog coats before my daughter wore it out 32 years later. But my most recent is a 5x7 photo given to me by my 15-yr-old grandson. It is of a certain view we share everyday I drive him to school. And he woke up early on a Saturday to make sure the photo was taken at the same time of day as when we drive to school! Quite a feat for a teen! I treasure it (& him, of course!) Quite the stroll down Memory Lane! Love the Pin Trays! As I always say, you never cease to amaze!

  3. One year for Christmas I got a metal doll house. It had a real light bulb and a stairway. Luved it and I am sure it set me on my creative journey as I LUV arranging furniture and later this led to bed quilts, wall hangings and... vbsigh :)

  4. Love those little magnetic trays with the initials! Very useful.
    My favourite handmade present is a phone pouch I was given by a friend who took me to my first sewing course. It was a surprise present. My favourite not handmade present is my sewing machine!

  5. Those magnetic pin trays are genius! Most memorable gift... hmm. I'd have to be cliche and say my daughter. My first baby, my sweet girl, was born on December 23rd and was the best Christmas present ever! The epic quilt we received as a wedding gift from my husband's Grammy June is also quite a memorable gift.

  6. We had started dating 2 months before my birthday, and he gave me a microwave. A microwave! I thought, "this guy really likes me!" A few months after that, we were engaged, and 29 years later, he still likes me!

    Your pin trays are very clever!

  7. WOW those magnetic pin trays make a great gift - especially since they're personalized and come with the nectar of the goddesses - aka chocolate :D

    My most memorable Christmas gift - I was 8 months pregnant at Christmas with our first, and my sister gave me a stocking for him. We still use it - and he's going to be 26 in 3 days, lol. The year I got Newborn Thumbelina is one of my favourite memories, as was the year I got Velvet (the doll whose hair could grow!) - mom made me an entire wardrobe for Velvet, including a satiny wedding dress. Such wonderful memories :)

  8. My most memorable Christmas present was two leatherbound books: Great Expectations and Pickwick Papers. They were from my Grandparents and the price had been left on them. They were 7shillings and 6pence each, and I couldn't believe that anyone could possibly spend 15shillings, just to buy me a Christmas Present. I still have the copy of Great Expectations and my daughter has Pickwick Papers.

  9. That's a really neat idea! I love them! And definitely more relaxing to do an exchange after Christmas :) My most memorable Christmas gift....last year my hubby made up a few different packages. One was a relaxing night in filled with pjs, DVDs and warm socks. Another was a night out filled with a gift certificate to a restaurant with a dressy top. And the last one was for my certificate to a local quilting shop along with fabrics he picked out himself! These were the first fabrics he picked out himself to add to my stash! It was incredibly special :)

  10. it was a great evening...good food, good friends, and great gifts. The pin tray was an awesome idea. Thanks.

  11. Those are SUPER cute for magnetic pin trays. I don't even have one of those and everyone who knows me keeps mentioning it to me. haha. I might have to steal this 'tutorial' so make me one!

    The most memorable gift I got... well I have two. For my 16th Birthday, a group of friends (4 of us)... two of them came together and because of my obsession with frogs, they bought me my FIRST free frogs and the whole set up terranium and ALL!!! I was SO ecstatic! Along with that, my friend who couldn't afford much, she got me THE cutest frog patch for my backpack and I loved it JUST AS MUCH as the frogs... she did what she could and THAT is what I love and appreciate!

  12. PL Premium is da bomb!

    As an adult - Spending Christams week on the beach in the Dominican.
    As a kid - Getting a doll with the same name as mine, Dina. Not her fault her makers did not know how to spell her name correctly, lol. At that point in my life I had not met anyone with my name, it was very cool.

  13. What a great idea! The trays with initials are adorable! Thank you for linking up with me over at Monday Makers!
    I think the most memorable gift I have ever received is my sewing machine that my husband bought for me as a Christmas gift 5 years ago..

  14. I got a lava lamp from Gordon (I was expecting a hi-fi!) His first birthday present to me when we first started going out. Still have it, still works though I top it up with blue food colouring every now and again!

  15. I think the most memorable gift I have ever received was from my now-hubby, then-boyfriend who for Christmas our very first year together had remembered how much I wanted a tiny diamond solitaire necklace. Even though we were broke university students and I didn't know he had even remembered, he surprised me with it at Christmas. I knew he was a keeper!

  16. Hmmm...that's a tough question! It's been so long ago, I can't remember if this was a Christmas present, but I'm almost positive it was. My Dad built me a doll house that was absolutely amazing. It had carpeting, a little closet with working doors, and little shingles on it's roof. I was so small then, I could fit in the upstairs bedroom if i curled up just right!

  17. Last year's birthday present. I have a Pfaff quilt expression 4.0 but was having trouble taking it to class or friend's house for sew day so hubby gave me a Pfaff Passport with is very light and easy to carry. Any gift accompanied with chocolate is this best.

  18. One year when the kids were little I suggested we all make each other presents for Solstice. Come to think of it the first quilt like blankets (velvet, no batting) were made that year. My son was very young and he put together a plaque that said I love you. It was made of those little plastic tube things that the kids put on a base and then ironed together. It was really memorable because his manual dexterity wasn't that great at the time and he almost had a nervous breakdown putting it together and my husband had to help him out. I can't remember for the love of me what the other two gave me.

  19. So far one of the best presents I've gotten is a quilting workshop with Katie Pedersen coming up in March. It's the best because my husband is using a vacation day to watch our kids so that I can go, it will literally be the longest I've ever been able to quilt in one stretch (7 whole hours!!), and we have enough money to spend on something like this. All those things make this super special!

  20. I too love secret boards for present ideas. I have magnets bought for dishes like these, but that was as far as I got. Great work on the initials! (Why on earth would a dish say 'not for food use'? Puzzled!)


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