Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Return of Sochi Diamonds

Another week, another item from The List! You'd have to have a great memory to recall this project - I started it almost a year ago during the Sochi Olympics. It's been quilted and waiting to be bound for a while!
I really did consider trying to find a way to bind this and preserve all those diamond tips. Then I laid down until the feeling passed. Out came the ruler to lop off all those diamonds... I hate doing that. I really do. It hurts me.
I was so desperate to get this binding on that I even tried to sew it with GT on my lap. That was after bouncing her chair with my other foot for a while and sticking her sookie in multiple times. Not entirely successful...
I had everything ready to hand stitch when I realized I should probably put some hanging corners on BEFORE I stitch down the binding.
Did I take off the binding? Nope... just tucked it out of the way! I only accidentally sewed it to the triangles once... not too shabby! I thought ahead enough to put four corners on so that I can change the orientation of the quilt for different looks.
Et voilĂ ! I guess this WIP became a finish when I wasn't looking! And I get to cross it off The List! So satisfying!
 Not only is it finished, it's up on the wall already! No one needs to know that the hanging hardware consists of two pushpins and a chopstick with the tip cut off, right?
The Deets
Title: Sochi Diamonds
Size: 11 by 23½ inches
Quilting: Straight line diagonal using Aurifil White (Colour - 2024) 

Binding:  Masquerade V by Fresh Designs for Henry Glass, Hand stitched with Aurifil
Backing: Dear Stella -Do it Yourself Zig Zag in Grey
Favourite Part(s): Stitching along on EPP while watching the Olympics, making something entirely from my imagination inspired by the graphics for the Games
I'm linking up today with Let's Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts, as well as WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced. Pop on over and see what others are creating this week!


  1. I love this Sochi-inspired quilt! I have coveted the "Like Bali for Sochi" quilt for a while, and the fact that you designed and made this yourself is awe-inspring and just plain inspiring! I think I may have to give it a try myself and dig around for some colorful scraps to use. Also, thanks for the name of the binding fabric. Off to look for it - hopefully it's still available somewhere!

  2. Looks great! I loved the design as well.

  3. You are cheating... couldn't wait 'til Friday to post a Finish? Just kidding. It's gorgeous. The Sochi colours are so rich. I also love looking at EPP diamonds, given that I don't plan on making them myself, ever.
    You are plowing through that list!

  4. I love it. I've had a photo of those Sochi flags on my iPad ever since they were revealed (about 2 years ago). It looks great on the wall in your sewing area. Well done on another finish.

  5. The hanging hardware sounds perfect. A lot of time I just thumbtack my quilts directly to the wall, how is that for sheer laziness? I love the bright colors and it looks great in your space. And hooray for crossing an item off the list!

  6. Very pretty! Hooray for another item checked off the list and kudos for doing it with a kid in your lap!!

  7. Took me a minute to figure out GT...duh... Great finish. Need to get a lesson on how you do your hanging corners.

  8. Oh, this is yummy! Sure does a lovely job of brightening up that corner. Love the binding choice!

  9. It looks like the baby is doing the quilting in that picture - cute!

  10. oo! I like that triangle corner chopstick catcher. Definitely works! Lovely colouring and gee, you have the kids collaborating already! :)

  11. This looks awesome on your wall. And yay for getting sewing done, even if kids are in the way. A paint stir stick also works nicely for a hanging bar.

  12. It's beautiful! What a great finish. And I can tell you that if you don't have a chopstick a bamboo skewer works pretty well, too!

  13. It must be great to have this finished, Jenn, I love the scrappiness of it.

  14. Great finish, and as for sewing with a baby on your lap, that is true commitment!

  15. You are amazing! And how lovely to see little Miss taking an early interest...

  16. Love it!!! I see you have a tiny helper in your lap. Quilter in waiting, yes?

  17. Your quilt looks wonderful! You're little helper is keeping an eye on your work, quality control!
    Aren't chopsticks incredible? They're great for solving loads of different problems.

  18. It looks great!
    I have been putting off cutting off half of my hand-pieced hexagons to make a straight edge, so I get the worry about diamond tips.
    And, no, I cannot tell it is a chopstick and push pins from here.


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