Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Stash - The one with the dots...

This week's Sunday Stash post is all about the dots... and a few more treasures tossed in!
Q-D and I had a little fun day a while back and we, of course, had to make a stop at my LQS. They've brought in the full line of Robert Kaufman's Spot On. Way too hard to resist! I limited myself to three: the blue & pink are destined to become Big Butt Baby Pants and the black on white is filling out my low volume stash. You know, because I needed some more... and it was 25% off.
They're good selvages, but not great. Come on, RK, I know you can do better! :)
Q-D talked me into this print, Life is Tweet, by claiming that I could make something cute for Girl Twin. I am a sucker already.
Then we stumbled onto a few more colours of this gem - Oval Remix from Ann Kelle. Who knew it was lurking in the overstuffed shelves of my LQS?
This week was also the first meeting of MMQG for 2015. There was lots of official Annual General Meeting type talk, but the real star of the evening (other than show and share!) was the charm square swap. Each participant brought 56 squares of stripes and/or dots. Here are my offerings... some dots in blue, Domino Dot in black & white, a Michael Miller grey & white polka dot, and some more RK Spot On Wide in Steel. Don't worry, Q-D, there's still a piece in my stash for you!
And here's what I got in return... 56 squares with only 2 repeats. And I didn't get any of my own back! Our Swap Coordinator works hard!
 So many lovely stripes.... somehow a lot of pink figured in there.
 Stripes was extended to include chevrons. Yay! I love me some chevron fabric!
So many glorious dots! I spy some Pearl Bracelet and some Kaffe Fassett in there. Not to mention a wide variety of colours of RK's Spot On!

I'm not exactly sure where these ones fit in the dots and stripes. I guess some members got a little creative in their interpretation!
I can hardly wait for the next charm square swap - Konas! - in April.  
I'm linking up today with the oh, so fabulous Molli Sparkles' Sunday Stash.
Molli Sparkles
Hope some treasures found their way into your stash this week!



  1. The charm swap looks like it turned out really well. And how cool that you did not get any of your own submitted fabric back and only one repeat. Outstanding!

  2. What fun! You got some great fabrics in that swap. And fabulous finds at the quilt shop.

  3. I'm amazed everyone agreed to bring 56 charm squares. Sadly I don't think people here would be that trusting. Fabric here is quite expensive and people don't part with it easily. They might not think they would get good things back in return. Anyway, I'll be very interested to see what you make with them. I've got 2 sets of charm squares here that I really don't know what to do with. I don't want to just sew them up as squares - too simple. I'll wait and see what magic you work on yours.

  4. Ooooh, the feather print! Lovely picks at the LQS.

  5. Very pretty! I may have to enter these meeting swaps by Canada Post lol. Love the charm squares :) And beautiful stash purchases! Love the dots!

  6. Lovely fabrics! What a great haul!

  7. The swap was awesome. I don't think I had any repeats. I had three "interpretations" as well, including a cutlery print. Hmm......

  8. Oooh! I love the feather print. Have you a plan for it, or was it simply something that you knew you would use?

  9. What a great idea a charm swap for your Guild! The RK Spot On is... well... spot on!!!


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