Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Stash - Somethin' new!

Ah... squishy envelopes. They make my week! This week's envelope was particularly exciting as it contained my first Half Stash from Le Club at Fridays Off Fabric. They're a Canadian fabric shop (we like those!) with fun, modern fabric that I haven't seen at a lot of other shops or websites.
From left to right a Riley Blake Giraffe Stripe Teal, Giraffe Tic Tac in Teal, Sidewalks Starburst Red, a mystery print (leave me a comment if you can identify it!), Giraffe Dots in Cream, and Flo's Garden Toadstools in Slate. All the Giraffe prints are from a Riley Blake line, Giraffe Crossing.
As a selvage junkie, it's tough to have someone else pick out my fat quarters... I typically dig through and pick out the ones with selvages whenever possible. Three out of six ain't bad! Aren't those giraffes great?
That's it for fabric acquisitions this week. I'm not fasting, but then again, I'm not sewing a lot these days so it doesn't make sense to buy much. Le Club is an ongoing Christmas present... 6 months of squishy goodness arriving in the mail. If I love, love, love the selections over the months, I might even treat myself!

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  1. Riley Blake does great selvage! Would it be weird to just buy giraffe crossing for the selvage? :) Wonderful stash this week!

  2. Love the Giraffe strip and the tic tac. Great colors.

  3. The giraffe selvages are fantastic! What cuteness. :)

  4. oh man, I have not received my stash yet! Now that you have shared yours, I'm getting excited! Great prints. :)

  5. These are great selection. and I have to agree with you on the giraffes....

  6. Very cute fabrics and that giraffe salvage is adorable!

  7. Thanks for the blog love! Now that I know you have a thing for selvedges I'll make a note for future bundles ;) I'm glad you're liking your Christmas gift so far. It's the gift that keeps on giving! Best, Alanna from Fridays Off Fabric Shop.

  8. Those giraffes are great. I am working on my first selvedge project (after squirrelling them away for a while) and I have selvedge envy.

  9. oh I want to join that club! Did you get half yards or FQs?


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