Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Stash - Unexpected...

Since I made 0 trips to my LQS and 0 on-line purchases this week, I really wasn't expecting to have a Sunday Stash post this week. But somehow, fabric made it's way into my life nonetheless!

On Thursday evening, before our Do Bees FQ Swap, Fancy Nancy gifted me this little lovely, tied up with some selvages (she saves for me!).
It's classified ads for all manner of little vehicles! Too cute! Fancy Nancy said it was in exchange for the cat fabric I gave her a while back... not at all necessary, but appreciated. And it's got a lovely selvage!
Then at the MMQG Sew In yesterday, Val (of Purple Boots & Pigtails fame) gave me this fun print. Do you recognize it?
Yup! It's Mr. Men!  She found it in a quilt shop in Newfoundland and though of BT... since her Mr. Purple Boots Junior is a little big for novelty prints these days. Mr. Tickle was always a favourite!
BT did well on this round.... vehicles and Mr. Men. I might have to go internet hunting for some Little Miss fabric for GT.  These babies are so lucky to have people thinking of them and sending little gifties. It's really not about the gifties... it's the thought that means so much to me.

And then, out of the blue, appeared the October selection of Canady Coated Collections. I wasn't expecting it and it was a great pick me up! Aimee went for Hallow'en-ish. I love it! And wouldn't you know, I was looking for some Kona Corn Yellow a while back!
I'm linking up with good 'ole Molli Sparkles for some Sunday Stash action. Pop on over and get your fabric fix. If only one could pet it trhough the screen! 
Molli Sparkles


  1. Hi! That news paper fabric is fantastic! And who wouldn't love those bright Konas! x Teje

  2. That Mr. Men fabric is so cute - I used to love those books when I was a kid. And what a nice surprise that Kona bundle must have been!

  3. Some great adds to your stash, I love the halloweenish fabrics.

  4. What great additions, and how awesome that people were thinking of you and BT. The car adds are super cute!

  5. That newsprint is so cool! And those Konas are absolutely yummy!

  6. Oh those weeks are the best aren't they, it's a real bonus to receive fabric when not expecting it! I'm not a celebrator of Halloween but I love the colours in that bundle.

  7. Oh, these are all gorgeous pieces! Of course we all adore Kona... But those prints are both so sweet!

  8. It's a great stash for not having been to a store. Aimee did another great job this month.

  9. And you got a spool of thread. ;-) Aimee did a fabulous job this month. I must be too old for Mr Men, I do not know any of those characters, then again I did not like books until much later in life.

  10. Children just can't have too many people to love them! I miss having Littles to sew for...
    I'm all over Lil Miss Trouble...she's even a pigtail gal too!
    I hope you find the girl version of Mr. Men. I did ask about it but the lady said it was gone in a flash...which makes me wonder if people really do sew more for girls than boys. I remember when Not-So-Little PurpleBoots was a Little PurpleBoots how few lines of awesome boy fabric was on the shelf in comparison to the stacks and stacks of girlie things....

  11. Fabric just follows you home! Great score!

  12. How old is too old for Mr Men? My husband has Mr Bump pyjamas, and he is a decade older than I am!


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