Saturday, November 07, 2015

ALYOF - November Goal!

Okay... scrambling again. How can I possibly achieve a goal for the month if I can barely find the time/energy to write the post? Wah wah wah.
This month's goal is a pretty natural one - it's the quilt that's dominating my design wall, Jumbo Jawbreaker, and is meant as a birthday gift for a friend. And her birthday's at the end of the month. So here's my goal: get as much done as possible before those candles get lit and the singing starts!
And of course, I'm linking up with Fibre of All Sorts for the November Goal Setting Party. Just two months left in 2015... isn't that scary!


  1. Those colours! It is gorgeous. May the nap forces be with you.

  2. It is so frightening how fast 2015 seems to be zooming along. I hope that all the cutting and planning is coming along well on this quilt top, and good luck having a finish to go along with the cake. :)

  3. Looks great! The colours are beautiful. I am having the same problem. Only a few months left and so much to do. My blogging has taken a backseat to all the projects that need to be done.

  4. Good Luck! I hope you finish this in time! Colours are gorgeus and I love the hexagon pattern! x Teje

  5. What a beauty, well done on setting a goal.

  6. I find it easier to find time to sew than to get on the computer! I hope you are making progress.


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