Thursday, November 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday {Volume 5} coming soon!

For all those of you who seem to have Throwback Thursday sneak up on you, get ready! Next Thursday, December 3rd will be {Volume 5} and the last TBT for 2015. Where on earth did this year go? Seems like just yesterday that I was Looking Both Ways and revising The List for 2015!
Since Christmas is almost upon us, I thought it would be fun to link up quilts from your dark Christmas-y past. You know, that horrendous pink poinsettia tree skirt you made for your mom or those stockings that took a year and half to make. Oh wait. That's me. ☺

But I digress. Here's a some Christmas #TBT to get you inspired.

It's a spider web tree skirt I made for the Parents in Law for the Christmas of 2012. They keep it out during the holidays even before the tree goes up by folding it and draping it over a trunk. I guess they like it. ☺ You can read about more presents I made that year in this post from the early days of A Quarter in From the Edge. It's all I can do not to go back and edit. Such small pics!

Hope to see you back next week with a Christmas quilt from your dark quilty past to link up. Or maybe it's a Hanukah table runner. Or a Kwanzaa wall hanging. Or Yule pillow. Or an item you gave to someone for one of those holidays. Or whatever. Just dust off those projects and take some pics... it's an equal opportunity link-up.  And there's a great prize from Fabric Please again this month!


P.S. Just a couple more days to get in on a sweet giveaway from Fridays Off Fabric


  1. I have made three Christmas-themed bee blocks for others, a handful of felt ornaments and some bags to replace wrapping paper. I think that is about it for me. Now you have made me wonder so I will have to look before next week.
    I do want to make a tree skirt one day.

  2. That was a great tree skirt. I'm working on photos for a post for next week.


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