Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Stash - What happened to restraint?

Okay... so I really want to make a Christmas quilt. I've wanted to for years and have always baulked at the idea of having to store a quilt for the other 11 months of the year. Who am I kidding? I have piles... literally piles... of quilts hanging out in my house. What's one more? A while back, I got a heck of a deal on this madness...

This week, I washed it all up and started stalking Pinterest to find just the right pattern. It must have pieces large enough to show off these lovely prints, but not look like I just sewed FQs together. Suggestions are welcome!

And then there's the fact that I wanted to make DT and I matching Christmas jammie pants. We had some last year, but obviously DT have grown and theirs no longer fit. And I fell in love with this...

Cotton and Steel House Designer - Tinsel Twill Flannel - Washi Twill in Navy
Yup. Cotton + Steel Tinsel Washi. In flannel. I am a weak, weak individual. And it's like Mad About Patchwork can smell my weakness. When I went to the website to  ogle check on this flannel for the ten thousandth time, the Tinsel prints were on sale! On sale, I say! I turned to my husband and said "It's a sign!!!" He gave me his PayPal password.

So all this is to say that this flannel-y goodness...
 And this...

...arrived at my home this week. These three C + S prints are to add to the FQ bundle. You know, because you can't have enough Tinsel. More is more.
And this stack of Kona somehow made it into my home as well.
But that's another story altogether. Avocado, Peridot, Jungle, Basil, Hunter Green and Evergreen. It's looking a little green around here. Don't worry. All will be revealed... one day.

I'm linking up with that oh-so-sparkly Australian enabler, Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash. And you know what? I'm pretty sure I'll be back with more fabric madness next week. Honestly. Somebody had better call my sponsor for an intervention.


  1. I fell off the wagon as well. I was doing so good at not making any purchases for a long time...then it happened. I was not so graceful but the fabrics I added to my stash are just lovely! Yours are definitely making me want to head over to Mad About Patchwork and add some of that Tinsel to my stash....must resist!

    1. Nah. Just give in. It's cheaper than drugs and/or therapy. And you can make stuff with it. Spoken like a true enabler.

  2. Tell me you wrote down the paypal password for future reference... ;) LOL I completely agree about fabric being better than drugs and/or therapy. My husband and I were just having that conversation today, except in terms of paying someone to come play with my kiddos for a few hours per week so that I can sew more. He said, "think of it as medicine instead of an added frivolous expense". He gets it. I married a winner. I'm glad you did, too ;) I admit, I'm not typically one for holiday creations, but that washi Tinsel print is pretty fabulous! I can't wait to see your Christmas quilt!

  3. I've bought a lot of fabric this year too. I am doing my best to stay away from any fabric shops in person or online on Black Friday/Cyber Monday to avoid buying more, because I can't resist a sale. Why pay full price when you can buy twice as much for the same price? Anyway, to answer your question, I was looking at some organic utility quilts like this one from Sew Slowly. It is on my to-do list now, because you can use large chunks of fabric and whatever blocks you are in the mood to add.

  4. I chuckle every time I read one of your stash posts :D I'm guessing next week we will see Black Friday deals? haha Your husband is a keeper for sure. My husband is the same, my machine was in the shop this past week for a few days and he was actually nervous! LOL

    As for a quilt using big blocks that has quite a wow factor, I have had the one Nancy Zieman shows in this video (all instructions are there!!) for quite some time. . . I just ran across it again today and I'm thinking I must do it in Kaffe Fasset :) Here's a link to the second big block quilt she shows but if you look on the side bar, part one will be there and you can see that quilt as well. Whatever pattern you chose - it will be all kinds of awesome!! :)

  5. If a print you have had your eye on for a while is on sale, it is most definitely a sign!
    I have no suggestions for Christmas quilts. Lots feature stars. Are you looking for something a bit Christmas (like stars) or absolutely anything that you can use these fabrics with?

  6. I'm making my first Christmas quilts now, too. I agree: it seems silly to make something that is decor-appropriate for only a month or so. One of the quilts I'm working on is 100% Christmas. The other one turned out more wintery than Christmassy. Maybe you could go that route, too? Of course, if you did it would likely entail buying more fabric. : )

  7. Hi Jenn! Looks very inspiring bundle for a Christmas quilt and the flannel is great! I'm making my first Christmas quilt. Big stars are one possibility to show the fabrics in the middle square. x Teje

  8. I have so much Christmas fabric, I love it :) I have one quilt I finished which was a scrappy trip along made from bee blocks in xmas colours/prints, but is best for smaller scale prints. I'm finishing up another one now which is Thimble Blossom's "Cheerio" pattern because I thought they worked as wreaths :)

    These are some others I like:

    Churn dashes and presents (I think presents would work really well with the C+S and solids for the ribbons?)

    more presents:

    love these Simple HST:

  9. I've long thought of a Christmas quilt, but the time never seems to materialize when the season inspires the day there'll have to be Christmas sewing in March. Glad to see you snagged your Tinsel! And the yummy spread of green Kona? Please..... I'm green with envy.

  10. I gave in and made a small Christmas quilt a few years age, and it is nice to pull it out for that one month to ooh and ahh over. Your posts are always so delightful. It's great to start my day with a chuckle or lucky am I to follow your blog?! Bet your husband was wincing just a little when he revealed his PP password. He was probably thinking how easy it is to change it! XO

  11. Thanks for the link-up with Mz. Sparkles, so I could come visit and commiserate. My November was also a stash-busting disaster--but I'm in high spirits with the new acquisitions.
    I made a Christmas quilt a few years back (took more than a year to make it, Miss Rosie's Circle of Friends pattern in queen size with thousands of pieces) and just adore having it come out of hiding each year. I think it is that much more precious for being put away and kept special.

  12. Can't wait to see DT in Christmas jammies. Who are you kidding? You know you have no intention of listening to your sponsor. ha ha ha ha

  13. Glad to know I'm not the only one who wants to make a Christmas quilt! I love the C+S prints and that flannel looks so snuggly. :) Kudos to your hubby for relinquishing the password. Lol.

  14. Send your intervention peeps over this way after you're done! I fell off hard this past month. I checked back over your links, and I could totally take over your recent stash additions. Love them ALL. I just bought a few more aqua, grey and red Christmas prints as I am so in love with aqua and red (and mint) for Christmas combos. Damn, wish I'd thought to check out Christmas flannel for jammies--Brady (my grandson) NEEDS Christmas ones right? Hmm, wonder if Connecting Threads could add on to my order...

  15. Nice haul! I have a halloween quilt that is used from sept to Christmas and even though it stays in living room all year round stays at the bottom of the pile for the rest of the months but somehow as soon as autumn starts to roll in it somehow makes its way to the top!


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