Monday, November 16, 2015

It's coming...

Christmas, right? Nope! It's better than that! It's the...

What is this, you say? Julia @ Jada's Quilting Adventures and I have been cooking up a something for the new year - a club to exchange mini charms (2½ inch squares). Here's how it works. Each month, you'll package up 50 charm squares for each lucky Birthday Queen. When your birthday month rolls around, your mailbox will be filled with squishy fabric love. Interested?

If you are, here's the extended re-mix - read as... The Rules... broken down into manageable little bits.

  • should be Canadian
  • should be Facebook users (a Closed group has been set up so participants can communicate with each other)
  • must commit to participating for the full year (January to December 2016)
  • should keep a list of packages received during their birthday month (a list will be provided on the closed Facebook group)
  • should be prepared to buy fabric if they do not have requested colour/style/motif in their stash
  • should be prepared for the inherent risks of swapping ☺ (addiction, excessive trips to the post office, potential disappointments)
  • will be capped at 35 for 2016
  • Each Birthday Queen receives 50 mini charm (2½ inch) squares from the other participants
  • Squares may be the same fabric or a variety (stash busting is encouraged!)
  • Does not need to be pre-washed, but can be
  • Should be quilt shop quality fabric
  • May be for a particular colour (i.e. red), motif (i.e stripes), or style (i.e. low volume)
  • May not be for a particular brand or designer
  • May include one "Please no" (i.e. "Please no florals") 
Here's the monthly timeline...

1st of the month - Birthday Queens post their requests
15th of the month - Deadline to mail fabric
20th of the month -  Birthday Queens post the list of participants from whom they have not yet received fabric

Phew... that's a lot of explaining! Still interested? Then head on over to FaceBook and search for Birthday Bonus Club! Julia and I will add participants to the group on a first come-first served basis. Don't miss out on the fabric fun!


Update: For some reason, the group is behaving like a Private group, not a closed one. Please try following this link and let me know if it works! ☺ Birthday Bonus Club! on FaceBook


  1. I totally want in! I'm August! But when I search for you on Facebook (Birthday Bonus Club) nothing comes up! :(

    1. I'm not sure why it can't be found, but I'm working on it! :)

  2. I guess married to a Canadian but far, far away doesn't count. :)
    I totally understand your point about swapping risks. Everyone at my post office knows me too well.

  3. My son lives in Canada. Does that count?? 😂😂😂

  4. Just kidding. This sounds like a lot of fun. Hope it is a huge success!

  5. What a fun idea! I just checked out FB but no sign of the group, maybe I'm missing something?

  6. Hi. I just submitted a request on Facebook. I had previously mistakenly requested when signed into my husband's Facebook account (Bill Hunter). Can you please not accept his request and accept mine if I made it in time?

  7. I'm in!! Will there be pattern ideas using the charms?

  8. Oh you Canadians! You sure know how to have fun! :)

  9. Vera's comment cracks me up. :) You really do know how to have fun Jenn!

  10. Us Canadians are a good time! I hope you get a full compliment of folks in this party sounds like fun! I just signed up for my 2016 commitment. Decided only one :)

  11. Would looooove to get lots of 2.5" squares. Bit worried though about the requests part of it - if someone asked for red only would I really have to get 50 different reds? Will there be a maximum in place for the requests?

    Looking forward to it though.

  12. We'd love to have you! You don't need to worry about variety. If you send the Birthday Queen 50 squares of the same print, that's well within the rules! Personally, I'm really hoping to use mostly things from my stash. But you can get 56 2½ inch squares from a fat quarter, so even if you have to buy once in a while, it's not so bad!

  13. Hi Jenn, just went to Facebook and made my request to join. Here's hoping I make it. I'm in Alberta but a transplanted blue nose.

  14. Hi Jenn, I made a request to join the group if there is still room. I'm in Ontario.


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