Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glamp Stitchalot - The fabric haul

I'd be lying if I said the fabric shopping wasn't a big part of Glamp Stitchalot for me. Pink Castle, the shop behind the Stitchalot events, has some AMAZING fabric. It's a damned good thing that it's a long way to Ann Arbor. It would be dangerous to have this spot as my LQS. Seriously. And their website? Just as deadly. It was nightly reading for weeks before I went.

Since we could place orders to be picked up at Glamp, I bought myself this lovely bundle. It's a custom bundle created by the owner of Pink Castle, Brenda. You can pop over to their site for the run down on all the FQs.

We had a 2½ hour flight delay out of Toronto which messed with our plans to go to the hotel, then the Girl Scout shop and Pink Castle. Instead, we had our airport shuttle take us right to the fabric shop. We parked our suitcases in the corner and got to shopping. No one seemed to mind!

Given a large enough budget, I could have cleaned the place out, I kept myself to low volume prints. I have an idea to use my Birthday Bonus Club squares and want some more variety. I snagged pieces of Newport, Carolyn Friedlander's Ledger, and Alison Glass' Abacus Artifact.
I fell in love with these Alison Glass panels when Kitty @ Night Quilter used one for the cover of her Quilter's Planner. When I saw them in person, I just had to have them. What will I make? Who knows! But I have eight of them!
Dena @ No Frickin' Blog Yet and I got a little out of control and bought a half yard bundle of this Lizzy House Mini Pearl Bracelet goodness. 
We split it at Glamp so each of us went home with a FQ bundle. Delish.
I got so excited about the Mini Pearl Bracelet bundle that I forgot I had purchased some yardage to be picked up at Glamp. Lucky me... it's not in the bundle!
I had another awesome moment on Saturday night. It was giveaway time (8pm!) and there were a pile of Violet Craft's new (yet to be released) House of Hoppington fabric bundles to be given away. I literally turned to Julia @ Jada's Quilting Adventures and said "I want that so bad, I can taste it." And then they pulled my number. I should buy more lottery tickets.
The main motif in the grey fabric above featured on the shirt Violet designed for Glamp. You know, the one I bought! As if the fabric wasn't adorbs enough, there's the selvages! Squee!!!
And here are the perils of pre-washing. A mountain of ironing. ☺After a haul like this one, there's a lot to catch up on!

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  1. So much lovely fabric, I have no idea where to begin! Alison Glass, Lizzy House! And that bundle you won, those little bunnies are so cute! That custom bundle you bought is so soothing too, I just want to pet it. 😊 I'll have to resist the urge to check out Pink Castle's website, I may not be able to resist such lovely temptation! Lol

  2. So much beautiful fabric! Ironing that pile would be a joy, just petting it would put a huge smile on any quilter's face. :) Sounds like you had so much fun and came home with lots of goodies!

  3. What beautiful fabric. Forget a store, I'd shop from you if I lived nearby! :) Seriously, though, I really love the Abacus Artifact and you can't go wrong with the pearl bracelets. And what and awesome win of the new House of Hoppington fabric. I love that you got excellent selvages, too!

  4. I don't know about the law of attraction as it is defined by the nutball in the comment above but that pile of textile goodness attractive enough to be made unlawful. (Stupid spam. Grr.)
    Looks like you had a time...but the ironing? Not so much of a time.
    I gave up prewashing exactly for that reason. I'm bitter if I have to even iron a shirt.

  5. I KNEW you would end up with mini Pearl Bracelets, in all their glory, in your stash eventually! You have so many AMAZING purchases! I can't wait to hear about your classes and see the results from your careful pre-planning and fabric choices!

  6. You know.... Until I seen the last line of this post.... I thought I was already at Molli Sparkles! What a lovely haul of beautiful fabric! Love the bunnies.

  7. What a great haul! Good luck with all that ironing. xx

  8. Mary Fons made a good point on her blog a while back (when she marked a major life event by going from being a non-pre-washer to a pre-washer): "I am so not pressing this fabric once it’s washed and more or less folded. That’s always a complaint from the non-pre-washers: “But you have to iron it all to get the wrinkles out!” I ask you, comrades: have you ever taken fabric from your stash and not ironed out the creases before cutting? I say unto thee you have not. So what’s the praaaablem?"

  9. That is quite a mountain of fabric to iron...though I just pull mine out of the dryer and fold it, wrinkles and all. I figure I'll iron it when I want to use it :) Such gorgeous choices you made (and won!), and I can only imagine how hard it was not to buy more!

  10. so. much. good. fabric. Jealous!

  11. I piled up all the fabrics I acquired and oh my, it was quite the pile. So many luscious fabrics! And there were so many more I would have loved to brought home. I am sadly thankful Pink Castle is far, far away.

  12. Such gorgeous fabric! And to be one of the first ones to receive Violet Craft's new collection! Completely awesome! Looking at your mountain of ironing to be done, I'm happy I don't prewash my fabrics ;)
    Still think it was awesome that you mentioned the Ledger fabric while we were in Toronto and boom! There was a bolt at Pink Castle for you!


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