Monday, June 13, 2016

Glamp Stitchalot- Day 1!

So a while back, I posted about a wild and crazy quilting adventure that Anja @ Anja Quilts, Julia @ Jada's Quilting Adventures, and our friend Dena had signed on for! It was all that I had hoped for and more!
The structure of the week-end included three two-hour classes on Friday and Saturday with the six instructors rotating from classroom to classroom. First up, Monica Solorio-Snow of Happy Zombie and her Binge Watching pattern.
For each instructor, there was at least one game changer moment. Usually it was a tip so simple and perfect that I couldn't believe that I'd never thought of it. For Monica, it was covering a printed template with packing tape on the front and back before cutting it out.
Due to my lack of advance cutting, I didn't make a lot of progress. Well, that and the fact that my templates were printed incorrectly, causing me to have to recut a bunch of triangles. But I did catch up by midnight!
And it turns out that this isn't the first pattern of Monica's that I've made. She designed the Christmas Tree Pants that I made for my parents a while back! 

Next up, Penny Layman (you know, my swap partner BFF). Try not to be too shocked. I actually had my picture taken a couple times over the course of the week-end!
The game changer for Penny's class came in the form of this little wooden wall paper roller. It was a suggested notion for Glamp and I decided to take the plunge. Rolling those paper pieced seams is so much more effective than finger pressing and beats hopping up and down to the ironing board!
She also had a sweet technique for matching up sections called "pinch and pin" using forked pins to really secure those key joints. Even with poor hotel lighting, these mountains are very cute!
Last class of the day was Violet Craft. Curved piecing isn't what I think of when I hear her iconic name. I tend to think Jungle Abstractions and Domino Dot. But this lady knows of what she speaks when it comes to curved piecing.
Violet's game changer? Pin very, very little. "The fabric knows what it wants to do. Let it." Yup. I let it. And it worked. I also discovered that a ¼ inch foot with a guide is not nearly as awful as I thought it was! I will also say that the blocks pictured above are pieced... not appliquéd. True story. I want to make an Orange Peel quilt more badly that ever!

This may sound like the craziest thing ever, but it was amazing to me how down to earth and friendly the instructors were. They're frickin' quilting rockstars with their own fabric lines and publishing deals. But they chatted with each and every student, answering questions, admiring our work, laughing and carrying on. 

Want to read a different perspective on the day? Pop on over to Julia @ Jada's Quilting Adventures to check out my roomie's take. I'll share Day 2 later this week! You can also read about my fabric deliberations and preparation, pouch swap, and fabric haul in past posts.



  1. I love that you were able to savor a game changing moment with each instructor. That is just delicious! Violet Craft is so warm and genuine; she comes across as someone I would want as my BFF every time I happy to be around her (I don't think I've actually ever SPOKEN with her, but I've heard her talk at MQG events). I love the wooden seam roller and am so glad it works for you, too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and game changers ... what a great post! Can't wait for Day 2 :)

  3. Great tips! So glad you were able to make this adventure happen! I'm enjoying reading all about it! Looking forward to day 2! XO

  4. Isn't it amazing that some of the best tips are so simple. And those orange peel blocks are perfect!

  5. It was all about the game changers. Great learning weekend.

  6. This sounds like such a blast! How awesome that you had aha moments with all the instructors. It is amazing how one little tip can make all the difference sometimes. 😊

  7. Wow! What a time you had. You learned so much. Must have been amazing to be in the company of such wonderful quilty teachers. Your fabric haul makes me drool! All those bracelets!

  8. Oh Game Changers are the best Jenn and those are goodies! How great that each instructor was so much fun! Your orange peels look fabulous!

  9. I like game changing tips...both seem very smart and something I just may try! What a fun fun weekend! I'm excited to see more, like did your bring Hazel?!

  10. Love those orange peels! Incredible game changer for me too! I agree with you wholeheartedly on the instructors. They are all incredible individuals! I really hope to take another workshop with them. Oh! I miss Glamp already, roomie! Even the morning trolley ;)

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