Monday, August 25, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Hi all! It's my stop on the Around the World Blog Hop! Thanks to Kate from Thread Everywhere who asked me to be part of the hop. She was also a part of the Plum and June New Quilt Blogger Hop earlier in the summer.

As part of this hop, each participant was asked to share a little about our creative process... here's my 2 cents!

1. What am I working on?
As per usual, I have a number of projects on the go (and I'm not afraid to add something new if I feel like it!) Since January, I've been following the Pile O Fabric Skill Builder BOM. It pushes my limits in the technique department, but I've been really pleased with the results.
 I might just have concurred my paralyzing fear of appliqué... maybe.
 Since I'm soon to be a MoM (Mom of Multiples), I've been making a lot of baby stuff lately.
I have a few WiPs floating around the studio...
There's my Plus Two quilt(s).... it's now  layered and ready to quilt. And then there's this strip quilt...
It's the last hurrah for my batik stash and is destined to be donated to my local womens' and children's hospital for their youth mental health program. I kind of have a thing for making these super easy strip quilts. They're great scrap busters!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Honestly, I have no idea. I don't try to make it different... sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. I try not to be too influenced by what's going on out there in the blogosphere, but sometimes it's fun to have the collective feeling of a QAL or a bee. One of my favourite quilt-dorky things I like to do is to photograph my finished quilts in interesting locations, often outdoors.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
As I joke whenever I introduce myself at my local modern quilt guild, A Quarter Inch from the Edge isn't just a blog name, it's a lifestyle. There are a lot of days when I'm anxious or depressed and making some time to be in my "studio" helps with those feelings. Making stuff makes me happy. I don't have to be sewing - I can be organizing fabric or gathering ideas on Pinterest. It's also the thing I do that no one else in my family does. I'm the quilter. I make stuff.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Sometimes I make things just because I feel like it... I might have seen a similar project on Pinterest or someone's blog. A lot of the quilted and sewn things I make are destined to be presents, so I'll fall in love with something and think "That would be perfect for X!" Then I'll get to making it.

Now for the pay it forward part of my post...check out these great blogs!

Anja Quilts - She's a sister member of Maritime Modern Quilt Guild well as both the real life bees to which I belong (Do Bees and Q-Squared). Lately, she's been cranking out a pile of finishes!

Jada's Quilting Adventures - Another MMQG member and a newer quilter and blogger. Her recent owl quilt is super cute!

Buttons Quilts - Lynn's a Kona lover too and not afraid of a little Truth Tea now and then!

Thanks for visiting!


P.S. Pop back tomorrow for a little secret I've been keeping... there might even be a giveaway! ☺


  1. Your finished quilt photography is a lot of fun! I really enjoy reading more about each person through these blog hops, and all the beautiful quilty photos and inspiration are fabulous, too.

  2. I need to go find some grand statues on which to photograph my quilts! Brilliant!

  3. Love those Baby projects! Great to read more about you... I feel I know you even more.

  4. You have great style. Good stuff! I've made a few strip quilts and I'd make another in a minute! luv them!

  5. Your photographs are great and I love your quilts! I enjoyed your post and appreciate the links to three new (to me) bloggers. It's exciting to find new blogs to follow.

  6. Thank you for telling us a little bit more about yourself and showing some more lovely photos. I love the bright fabrics that you use in your quilts. You use a lot of blues which I love. Maybe it's because you live near the sea. I don't know how you have the energy to do all these things while you are pregnant.

  7. Your Pile O'Fabric blocks really are amazing, I think you're achieving your goal of pushing yourself, though your quilts were always beautiful.

    I didn't realise you were a fellow sufferer of depression, my heart goes out to youx

  8. I love your finished quilt photos. I am really trying to take more photos outdoors. It makes the quilts look so nice, and it's a lot more fun!

  9. That was a fun read! And congrats - I didn't know you were expecting twins!

  10. Your oh deer is still my favourite though I do love your olfa splash!

  11. I really enjoyed looking at your quilt finish photos. I will be scoping out interesting props to hold my quilts in the future.

  12. That was a lovely post. Thanks for letting us get to know you better.


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