Thursday, August 14, 2014

Banner Blocks!

Woo hoo! My banner blocks are done on time! Each member was offered the opportunity to make a block to border the an amazing center section featuring our name and logo (check my sidebar for a pic of the logo).
And we even got the fabric - Konas donated by Robert Kaufman (White, Pacific, Prussian, Aqua, Oasis, and Breakers). 
I decided that since I was only making a couple blocks, I wanted to do something complicated. Why do I do this to myself? I had to take this apart more times than I'd like to admit... and there's still a spot that's a little haywire. But if you squint it looks good!

I was lucky enough to get to make two! For my next trick, I chose something that wasn't as likely to make me swear and reach for the seam ripper. It's sort of a Chinese Coins improv-y dealio. It's a little washed out in this pic... très sunny!

In addition to the border blocks, we were also asked to make a signature block for the black of the banner. Here's mine...
I used this tutorial to make it. Not too fancy, but it is for the back after all! And yes, I plan to sign it before handing it in! ☺ Can't wait to see what the banner looks like after Linda from Scrapmaster gets her free-motioning little paws on it. It's going to look wicked good!

Tonight I'm off to our August meeting. I love that our little guild meets 12 months of the year! To make it even better, we're meeting at that new fabric shop I told you about last week. And we'll find out who won our guild's Michael Miller Challenge. I'm pretty sure it wasn't me! ☺



  1. The blocks look great; be sure to share a photos when the banner is all complete! Lovely color scheme!

  2. These are lovely! I hope you'll post the finished quilt with everyone's contributions!

  3. Nice Blocks! See them and you later!

  4. Can't wait to see that block in person. See you later.

  5. Is there a pattern for that block with all of the triangles?

    1. The link can be found in this post ( where I first talked about the blocks. It's designed to be 12½ inch, but I shrunk it.. silly me!

  6. Jealous! I wish I was seeing ya'll later too.

  7. Your banner blocks turned out beautiful :) I can't wait to see the banner put together! Hope the meeting went great :)

  8. Seconding what Yvonne said; make sure to post a picture of the finished banner! I'd love to see it :D

  9. I am squinting and it looks amazing!

  10. These are stunning blocks. The triangles/radiating star is amazing.


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