Saturday, August 09, 2014

Road Trip Case - my version!

Over the Canada Day long week-end, Himself and I paid a visit to our friends, the R family, while they were camping. The girlies of the family, Miss E and Miss O, were the recipients of these quilts (scroll way down!) a few years ago. I love making things for them... they're such creative (and appreciative) girls. Miss O came out of the family trailer at one point with the marker roll I made for her at least 5 years ago - stocked with cool new art pens.  Miss E doesn't normally get excited about crafts, but she's an avid Rainbow Loom-er these days! Woo hoo! A reason to buy Noodlehead's Road Trip Case pattern. It's perfect for Miss E's Rainbow Loom addiction and comes with an alternative pocket set-up that will work nicely for Miss O's art supplies.

Miss O is a big fan of teal... so I wanted to make sure it made its way into her case. I bought this hipster glasses print a while back with no purpose and thought it would work nicely for a increasingly grown-up, soon to be 8th Grader. The Domino Dots have been hanging out in my stash for a while. Time for them to become something!
I do love an excuse to use my Wonderclips! This time they kept a really skinny bit of binding attached to some pesky clear vinyl.
You can hardly see it, but the binding I made in the above pic is attached to clear vinyl. It made adding a zipper quick and easy (but is hard to see in a pic)!
I love how the interior pockets turned out. Thank goodness Q-D was there to walk me through those pleats. Another something new for me! The larger pockets are just the right size for pencils and pens.
The supply list called for me to buy bias binding, but I figured I could make my own from stash fabric. Again, Q-D helped me out a little! Ultimately, I ended up binding it just like a quilt - stitching the binding onto the interior and pulling it to the front to be hand sewn. I didn't want to attempt hand stitching through that vinyl pocket!
And the finished product!

 I wasn't super sure about the coral zipper, but now I love it!
 Took a good dig through the button box to find this one!
Thought those Domino Dots together might be a little much, but you don't see too much of the magenta...
I'm looking forward to using more Noodlehead patterns. The instructions were clear and concise and though it didn't feature a pic for every step like Elizabeth Hartman (Oh Fransson!)'s patterns, the diagrams were really helpful. It's well worth the $6.50 price tag. I love an instant download! I also love that she provides the materials list before you buy... it gives you a good idea of what you're getting into.  I couldn't resist making one for myself from the fabric I picked up at Patch Halifax. This one went together even quicker and just needs binding to finish it off. EPP to go, anyone?
 I do love those owls... the print is called Barn Owl, but they say Snowy Owl to me!
I can hardly wait to get started on Miss E's version...
I'm linking up today with Show Off Saturday @ Sew Can She. (Thanks for the heads up, Anja!)


  1. Wow, your case is wonderful. I appreciate the way you showed your steps. It's funny how we plug along with our projects, pretty sure we picked the right thread, fabric, notions, etc., then second-guessing. In the end it turns out perfect!

  2. I love the fabric choices on both bags. The coral zipper is just right.
    One of these days I'll try sewing vinyl for the first time.

  3. Those cases look great! Awesome job! And congrats on trying something new :)

  4. They look great and I was happy to have helped. :-)

  5. These are great. I especially love the fabrics in the first one. :-)

  6. What an awesome project! Love your fabric choices. I took at peek at the girls' quilts and they are just wonderful. I love that you added that special touch. Bet them love them so much.

  7. They are awesome! Great job. The girls will love them.

  8. I love both! Miss O is going to be super happy with her new bag. Looks really useful too. I can already see it full of bands and bracelets!

  9. Awesome gift Jennifer-that rainbow loom case looks fantastic. Great colors and perfect choice with the coral zip.

  10. Absolutely wonderful creations. I love your fabric and colour choices. I might be swaying a little more to the owls, as a fave, but they're both great.

  11. I love the fabrics you chose to go with these cases, they look great. Wonder clips are great, aren't they? I recently discovered them, and love finding new ways to use them. They make sewing so much easier, and my husband likes to steal them to use in the kitchen!

  12. oh wow, that's fabulous! the first one is just so colourful it almost makes me want to take up rainbow looming!

  13. Great fabric choices! I especially love all the colours in the first one!


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