Sunday, February 08, 2015

4x7 Challenge - Week 1

This month, I'm taking on the 4 by 7 Sewing Challenge hosted by Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs. I've decided to do it as a birthday present to myself. Making time for 30 minutes of sewing each day gives me 14 hours of sewing in the month of February. Not too shabby!
Berry Barn Designs 
They also say that it takes 21 days to make a new habit. With DT being the main focus of my life these days, it's important to make time for myself. Who needs a shower when you can sit and sew? ☺ For me, whenever I sew, I sew for myself.  I don't have to be making a project for myself... the me-time is enough.

So here's the day by day blow by blow....
Day 1 - Continued paper piecing the December block of my Skill Builder BOM
Day 2 - Starched some Silver & finished the Triangle Quilt block. Yay!
Day 3 - Made a serious dent in the Iron block. Fiddly paperpiecing...
Day 4 - Spent part of my errand running time at my LQS, but opted to go to bed instead of sewing late into the night. Sometimes sleep wins...

Day 5 - Finished the Iron block. Might need to take it apart so that one section lines up better! ☺
Day 6 - Had an afternoon stay-cation in my studio courtesy of Himself and spent it cutting into my teal-y Kona scraps for a future project.
Day 7 - Spent some quality time with my new Kona Colour Card and my Kona stash! Sometimes I get a little behind on labeling. Yes, I label them all. ☺
And that's Week 1! In Week 2, I hope to finish the last block of my Skill Builder and treat myself to making something not on The List! I'm linking up with Barn Berry Designs. Here's hoping she doesn't boot me out for my Day 4 fail. I sewed more than ½ an hour the other days!Off to get in my 30 minutes for Day 8!

P.S. Don't forget about next Saturday's link up! Show everyone how much you ♥ Kona (or another solid line... we won't judge you if you have another love!)


  1. Love the pictures in your header! Looks like you have as much snow as we've had for about 2 weeks. Snow days=sewing days :) I've never paper pieced but it intrigues me.....

  2. Yes for success! You did quilty stuff on Day 4, so I don't consider that a fail.

  3. The 4 x 7 challenge seems to be working really well for you! I've already got my post outlined for the Kona challenge... ;)

  4. Maybe that is why I rarely buy solids - so I am not tempted to label them!
    The iron does look fiddly, but worth the effort.

  5. Good on you to find time to sew with all you've got going. But I completely agree... sometimes, sleep has to win!

  6. Hahaha - if you can get your time in over the week, however you do it, it counts! I am beyond impressed at your time management with two babies at home. I don't know how you do it, Jenn!

  7. Great job! I'm impressed by how you manage to do so much in so little time!

  8. Good for you! I'm so happy you're getting in some sewing time :)

  9. I hope your second week of the challenge has been successful as well!


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