Sunday, February 22, 2015

4x7 Challenge - Week 3

Ahh... another week of forced sewing. It's like hard labour, people. Just kidding! Making time for 30 minutes of sewing each day (14 hours of sewing total) is not such a hardship!
Berry Barn Designs 
So here's the day by day blow by blow....
Day 15 - Finished this Haphazard Chevron pillow that's been hanging out on the design wall for a few weeks. Pillows are so danged satisfying!
Day 16 -Quilted the iron & sewing machine blocks from 2014 Skill Builder
Just showing you sneaky peeks on these ones... big reveal to come in the next few days when I link up with ALYOF 2015

Day 17 -Quilted the triangle quilt block from 2014 Skill Builder. Again, just a sneaky peak for you!
Day 18 - I'm enacting rollover minutes... I sewed way more than 30 minutes on previous days!
Day 19 - Got around to ironing all that fabric I've been buying!
Day 20 -Whipped up an iPad case for Himself!

Day 21 - Sewed up some HSTs for a project in the QPPP (Quilting Project Protection Program). I'd tell you more, but well.... it's secret!

I get a little down on myself when I commit to a challenge like this and don't get in the 30 minutes of sewing each and every day. And then I remember that it's not about beating yourself up, but celebrating what you did accomplish! A lovely pillow, an iPad case, some blocks that have been staring me down for months. You know, that's not too shabby! I'm linking up today with Barn Berry Designs. Pop on over and see what others accomplished this week - or jump on the bandwagon for our final week, Week 4. It's not too late!



  1. You put my progress to shame! Great job on all these projects. Your skill building adventures are so inspiring to me!

  2. Love those pillows. What a great design! Looks like you managed to get quite a bit of fmq done. Each of your projects looks fabulous!

  3. love the fabric for the ipad case. i'd say you made great progress! my schedule simply doesn't allow for 30 min every day but it does allow for more than 30 on some days. it all works out!

    and i think ironing just washed fabric is one of the most tedious parts of sewing!!!

  4. I so need to do this. I went up to my room tonight to finish basting a quilt. I just had to touch fabric for a few minutes. I felt better after :) a 30 minute commitment each day seems doable.

  5. great week, love all the projects!!!

  6. Not too shabby at all! You've done way more than me this week :) I love finishing off a pillow too - so satisfying!

  7. Great job. Love the pillow design. 30 minutes a day is doable, you are sooooo right.

  8. That is not too shabby at all!! You got a lot done.

  9. What a week, Jenn! I love the chevron pillow, I LOVE the quilting details of your Skill Building blocks, and I don't know what they'll be, but the colors of your super secret HSTs are awesome! Also, rollover minutes totally count!! : )


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