Monday, February 02, 2015

Lovely Year of Finishes - February 2015 Goal!

Here we go... new month, new goal! The first month of ALYOF went really well for me. I finished off Charm Pack Cherry sans Cherries  and felt motivated to cross some other items off The List. I really want to keep that energy going... so I'm taking on another item from The List.
I managed to keep up to date on these BOMs until I ran into some printer issues and got scared off by a complicated technique for paper piecing. Then DT arrived! The goal for this month is to piece and quilt the blocks for September, October, and November. They're three interesting blocks - an iron, a sewing machine, and a triangle quilt. Since this quilt is QAYG, when I've finished these three blocks, I'll just need to attach 'em together and bind it.

There's an even greater motivation this month. I was admiring the Skill Builder BOM for this year and showed it longingly to Himself. It has curves, bias appliqué, EPP... all skills that weren't in the 2014 quilt and ones that scare the bejeepers out of me. I used a lot of techniques that were new to me in the 2014 version and enjoyed (for the most part) being challenged... one block each month is doable.

Being the supportive husband that he is, he said I should go for it. He even offered to buy me the fabric kit for my birthday! I am a lucky gal. That said, I made a deal with myself that I couldn't even consider taking on the 2015 version until I finished the 2014.

Also as part of my February goal, I'm taking on Barn Berry Designs' challenge for the month.
Berry Barn Designs
It's all about selfish sewing... making time to sew for yourself and enjoying your craft. Sounds right up my alley these days! My half hour for Day 1 was spent on the November block!

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Wish me luck!



  1. You can do it!!! And the motivation of Himself getting you the fabric kit...that should keep you on track. The end is in sight.

  2. You are almost done your skill builder... can't wait to see the finished product! I like the February challenge. I have not officially taken the pledge - maybe I should - but I did get my 30 minutes + + + yesterday. I am on the right track...

  3. Oh good luck and enjoy the sewing every day!!

  4. Don't let him forget the deal about the fabric purchase while you are finishing up 2014's, though!

  5. Luck!!!!! Love that skill builder - will watch with interest!!!


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