Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Finish - A quickie!

Sometimes the stars align. Sometimes the babies sleep for three hours. Allowing me to turn this...

Into this...
Himself is taking off to the Canada Winter Games in Prince George for Week 2 competition and needed a little something to protect his iPad. Thank goodness for the tutorial from Fresh Lemons. I made a case like this for my own iPad, but the colours aren't quite his style. These greys work a lot better for him - Robert Kaufman's Spot On played nicely with some Alison Glass SunPrint Bike Path.  There's even some Kona Steel hiding on the inside in case you were worried I'd forgotten my lovely Konas!

Speaking of Konas, thanks so much to everyone who joined in on my first ever link-up where they showed just how much they ♥ Kona! It went so well that I might even be plotting some more Kona love link-up action... stay tuned!
And for those of you waiting with bated breath to find out if you're the lucky winner...

That's Anita from How My Time Flies with her lovely sunflower palette.

And even though it's a small finish, I'm still linking up to Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts  and TGIFF @ The Carpenter's Daughter who Quilts... because this week, I'll take a win wherever I can get it! 


P.S. Thank you to Sarah from Barn Berry Designs for telling me how to get the Random Number Generator off their website and onto my blog. Bloggy friends are the best!


  1. Absolutely, take whatever win you can and run with it! BTW: As a fellow Kona lover, I thought the Kona link-up was a great idea. I couldn't get things together to participate this go-round, but I hope there's a next time. : )

  2. I'm so excited to have won! Thanks so much for the contest.

  3. Very good project for a short amount of sewing time - well done!

  4. The Stars align and babies nap... LOL
    That's a great iPad cover!
    Congrats to Anita! I hope you do do another party Jenn; that one was fun!

  5. Sleeping babies are the loveliest sort some days..... ☺
    Fun (and useful) finish, I just knew there had to be Kona in there somewhere!

  6. Sometimes it's the small completed projects that are the most satisifying. I love the AG print and one can never go wrong with Kona Steel. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.

  7. They BOTH slept for three hours? Woo hoo!
    I love small projects. Winter in Canada – hubby's iPad will need this fancy case just to keep warm!


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