Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Stash - I swore I wouldn't...

And I didn't...

This week's Sunday Stash came in a squishy envelope from Fridays Off Fabric, courtesy of the Z's. It's my penultimate (yup, there's that word again) batch of fat quarters from Le Club. So technically, I didn't purchase any fabric this week!

First up, some Safari Park critters.... more Lewis & Irene prints - Safari Animals on Charcoal and Safari Animals on Turquoise. I'm seeing some more Polaroid blocks in my future. Don't you just love those monkeys in the palm tree?
Next up, Crowd of Cats in Multi and Paws in Multi from Makower. These are a little, well... pink, and a little, well.... cat for me. Perhaps Miss N from my bee would be interested! ☺
More Lewis & Irene... this time two prints from the April Showers line - April Showers on White and Balloons on Grey. I kind of wish they had the print with the Tour d'Eiffel and the cute saying in French! I'm a sucker for fabric with French on it... such a francophile!
And selvages... sweet selvages. These make me so happy... especially the little "Threaded with Love" on the Lewis & Irene prints.
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  1. The Safari Animal prints are super cute! It looks like you do have more great fabric for the polaroid blocks! :)

  2. Such pretty fabrics! I'm a sucker for animal prints, so all of these make my heart happy. :) I can see some great polaroid block possibilities in these!

  3. cute, cute, cute!!! I adore that Lewis and Irene with the umbrellas, adorable!

  4. A lovely selection of goodies! I'm envious, I too really like the cute Lewis & Irene print!

  5. All the prints are so cute. I really like the Safari Animals on Charcoal.

  6. I love those paw prints!! Super cute.

  7. Oh my gosh, he little paw prints fabric is [p]awesome. Yes.... I did it! I had to! Couldn't pass up that pun.

  8. You know I am such a sucker for an animal themed fabric... And those monkeys in the palm trees are adorable. Love the Charcoal background in that print. Those are all cute fabrics!

  9. Such adorable prints! Love the umbrella and little dog print. I can't say I spent $0 lol. Maybe next week :)


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