Friday, May 08, 2015

No Finish Friday!

Alas, this week has been a gong show for daytime naps, so I have no finish to share with you. I'm happy to say that I managed some time for a few starpoints on Technicolor Galaxy and a trip to the post office to mail some Polaroid blocks. And got out for a couple walks in the megastroller with DT as part of the 30x30 Challenge!

The Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop continues today over at Anja Quilts! Pop on over to my double bee-mate, Girl Guide pal, and all-round super loyal friend, Anja AKA Q-A.
Here's the rest of the gang... in case you need to plan ahead or catch up on your blog reading!

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(... and there's a giveaway. I see a theme!)
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  1. I only recently learned about the term gong show, so this made me chuckle and proud to understand the reference (I think). :)

  2. I am quite enjoying the blog hop. It was a grand idea!


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