Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Stash - It was just (point) one...

So I slipped a little this week. But I needed to. I had a problem that wouldn't fix itself without an infusion of fabric.
Yes, dear reader, I was able to hold those pieces of fabric in place with a pin or two. Because I bought 0.1m. Yup. Just a measly 6 inches of each. I have no idea if my LQS has a minimum cut (I've never really needed to know), but this might be it!
And I ran out of thread at a pivotal moment in my FMQ last week-end. Grrrr. Had to pick up another kilometer of thread. Always makes me smile to think of a 1000m spool that way!

I'm linking up with the oh so glittery Molli Sparkles for...
Molli Sparkles

It would appear that my purchases coordinate oh so nicely with Molli's logo!

On-line fabric purchases since last Sunday Stash Post = 0$
Visits to LQS since last Sunday Stash Post = 1 (purchases totaled less than 9$)
Work days lost to fabric related incidents = 0



  1. I love the idea of thinking of a spool of thread as a kilometer, even if my mind is conditioned to think in miles and yards down here in the States. Lol. I used to run, so now I'm imagining carrying 5 spools of yarn along on a 5k road race! Love the colors you chose for the fabrics, although there has to be some sort of 5 second rule in this situation. 6 inches of fabric doesn't *really* count, right? ;) Hahaha

  2. Yup, that's a match! I sure hope they cut it straight. My loominous sparkles even if it's not the same shade of pink.

  3. You showed great restraint! Those two little bits were the perfect picks for those points. 6 inches will do in a pinch.

  4. Love that large thread spool! I still haven't started my technicolour yet - hanging head in shame over here!

  5. I think my LQS has a .1 minimum - it's still easy to divide the price that way! Anyway, they look perfect!

  6. Haha - I love that your purchases coordinate so well with Molli's logo, too! :)

  7. Most shops here have 20 cm as the minimum, but I have encountered 10 cm minimums, especially in Japan.
    Work days lost to fabric-related incidents? Ha ha!

  8. Six inches for 0,1 meters is a real bonus! That works out to a sixty inch meter -- about 1.5 for the price of 1. You've got a good thing going -- could justify a lot of 0.1 meter purchases! Reminds me of a shop I found that agreed to cut me 1/8 yards of a whole line of fabrics. To buy more at that time would have broken my bank, so a special shout out to The Sewing Basket in Prosser, WA (


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