Thursday, May 07, 2015

Thankful Thursday!

My bloggy pal, Yvonne @ Quilting JetGirl has started a lovely little Thursday link-up all about gratitude. I don't often contribute, but each week when I read her post, I get to thinking about the things I am thankful for. Not a bad way to spend some time! But this week, I'm going a little further.

I am so thankful for my Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.
We're new and smallish, but neither of those things holds us back from having lots of fun! As someone who doesn't get out of the house as much as she used to (hmmmm... I wonder why), our Sew Ins and meetings are often high points in my month. I've already written a love letter or two about it, but it's worth saying again. Being with a group of creative, like-minded individuals makes my day!

And we just happen to be a few days into our first ever Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop.
Tuesday, May 5 - Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge(Hey, that's me... and there's a giveaway!)
Wednesday, May 6 - Adrienne @ 
Chezzetcook Modern Quilts  (... and there's a giveaway!)
Thursday, May 7 - Tracy @ 
Quilting on the Dark Side (... and there's a giveaway. I see a theme!)
Friday, May 8 - Anja @ 
Anja Quilts
Saturday, May 9 - Val @ 
Purple Boots and Pigtails
Sunday, May 10 -  Linda @ Scrapmaster
Monday, May 11 - Jeanette @
 Stamp Stitch Create
Tuesday, May 12 - Dominique @ The Running Thimble
Wednesday, May 13 - Aimee @ 
Candy Coated Quilts

I hope you'll take some time to meet (at least on the interwebs) these talented quilter-bloggers. I know I'm enjoying getting to know them!


P.S. And I'm linking up with Quilty Thankful Thursday @ Quliting JetGirl!


  1. I enjoy that I can come to your blog each day for the link tot he next stop. And thanks so much for linking up today! :)

  2. I like the idea of having one day devoted to being 'especially' thankful, because I do try to be thankful everyday. Like I told a friend, some days the most I feel thankful for is that the day is almost over. Lol. Thanks for the reminder about the blog hop!!



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