Saturday, May 09, 2015

Chocolate is a vegetable.

Today's stop on the Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop is over at Purple Boots & Pigtails with cussin' & quiltin' Val.
One of our first MMQG swaps... wicked pincushion by Val!
Between whisky drinking and free piecing, this woman is a marvel. She also coined the term "Kona Nerd" to describe certain members of our guild. For the record, I prefer "Kona Badass". And I'm fairly certain she shares the opinion expressed in the title of this post. Heck, it comes from a bean, right? You can put it in salad if you want to...
Tuesday, May 5 - Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge (Hey, that's me... and there's a giveaway!)
Wednesday, May 6 - Adrienne @ 
Chezzetcook Modern Quilts  (... and there's a giveaway!)
Thursday, May 7 - Tracy @ 
Quilting on the Dark Side (... and there's a giveaway!)
Friday, May 8 - Anja @ 
Anja Quilts
(... and there's a giveaway. I see a theme!)
Saturday, May 9 - Val @ 
Purple Boots and Pigtails (What! Another giveaway?!)
Sunday, May 10 -  Linda @ Scrapmaster
Monday, May 11 - Jeanette @
 Stamp Stitch Create
Tuesday, May 12 - Dominique @ The Running Thimble
Wednesday, May 13 - Aimee @ 
Candy Coated Quilts

And now I'm going to get the heck away from the computer and actually sew something! You know, so I have something to blog about later. #quiltbloggerproblems



  1. I eat chocolate.
    A lot.
    All the the time.
    But maybe if I ate more it would stop me from cussin' so much...
    Shouldn't talk with your mouth full, right?

    (Thanks for the plug. Oh, and I forgot about that wee Mars Bar!)

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  3. Ha!Ha! The blog/guild etc is good motivation to finish up projects;) Now to figure out what the heck I'm going to giveaway for tomorrow!

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Jenn! Thanks for sharing about the MMGQ blog hop. I am really enjoying everyone's posts!

  5. The word for May's challenge for guild meeting was Candy. Wish I would have had that Mars bar. It is sooo cute. This guild's blogs are so fun to read. Thanks you all.

  6. Whoo hoo! A type of nerd that I an not! I did not know that was possible, but with only one length of Kona premium white under my belt, I am sure I fail to qualify for at least one measure of nerdiness: Kona Nerd.


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