Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sunday Stash - Oh my oh Marden's

We're into the third month of The Year of The Stash and I'm still feeling it. There's been less mindless fabric acquisition and more mindful choices.
But a couple weeks ago, DT, Himself and I went on a family adventure. Officially, it was a ski vacation in Maine, but no trip to Maine is complete without hitting up at least one Mardens.
Mardens is... well, not your usual fabric store. It's a discount shop and many of its locations are former Walmarts. They're sketchy. Very sketchy. But if you can get past the grubby floors and the clutter and make your way to the fabric department, you'll find treasure after treasure - at great prices!

I visited on my birthday and went a little wild. But I was more than 2 hours from home, so it's all good in the Stash Manifesto department. I can't walk away from a text print.... and one's in black are even more rare! In case you're wondering, it's Elementary by Sweetwater for Moda.
My stash is a little low on yellows. And I'd never seen that Michael Miller's Stitch Circle in that particular colour!
Oh, the novelty prints! I think DT's I Spy Polaroid quilt has been influencing my purchasing more than a little. Riley Blake's Gracie Girl Clocks in Gray, Geekly Chic Cassettes in White,  Michael Miller's Sushi in Turquoise, and Laurie Wisbrun's Perfectly Perched for Robert Kaufman.
 As for these Sunset Songbirds... the colour palette sucked me in!
 These Michael Miller Play Dots could turn into just about anything - a quilt back or even a summer dress for GT!
And the best part? Not one of these lovelies cost more than 5$/yard! Shocking!

Even my mom couldn't resist getting into the fabric buying (she's neither sewer nor quilter).  These fun Christmas panels made their way into her basket!

 Who can turn down fabric with a price tag like this?
I'm linking up with Patchwork & Pastry, who's stepping in for the oh-so-busy Molli Sparkles. And guess what? Next week, Sunday Stash will be here @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge! I better stock up on glitter and make sure the Dustbuster is charged for clean-up! Oh, and make a few fabric purchases to show off! LOL!



  1. Awesome purchases! I did a Mardens run this summer – seven stores over three days. All different stock, but similar crazy prices.Thank God it's at least a days drive away or my stash would be out of control!

  2. Great purchases!! I like that black text print -- didn't realize they made it in black.

  3. Never heard of Mardens. You did well!

  4. I am officially starting to plan a trip to Maine now. Awesome purchases. Sushis? Seriously!!!

  5. Ooooh, this sounds like my kind of adventure! Lol. Awesome fabrics and awesome prices, what's not to like?! I don't blame you one bit for snatching these up, your stash is all the better for it! ;)

  6. Oh serious Marden's envy! Although I feel all Marden's trips should be excluded from stash manifestos, it's so cheap it's criminal!

    1. Since it's more than a 2 hour trip to Maine from my home, they're definitely excluded!

  7. Wow, I have never heard of Mardens, but it sounds awesome! What is your mom planning to do with her panels?

  8. I've never heard of Mardens either but I'm certainly going to find out if there are any within a reasonable distance from me. Thanks.

  9. Great fabric purchase. Love the black text. Going to check where the nearest Mardens is.

  10. The black text is my fave!! A vacation, a birthday and time at Marden's.....who could ask for anything more?

  11. Ah it there! The fabrics are just gorgeous! I never even paid much attention to the rest of the store. Beautiful fabrics in that bundle!


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