Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Stash - Winnings don't count

Welcome to A Quarter Inch from the Edge! If you're new to The Edge, I hope you'll have a look around and perhaps leave me a comment or two. I'm very pleased to be guest hosting Sunday Stash for Molli Sparkles this week, even if it seems a little contradictory to The Year of the Stash. Don't panic, Stash Comrades. I'm still 100% committed, but I had some winnings left over from my sweet run in A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015.
Things got a little eclectic on this order from Fat Quarter Shop. I bounced around from designer to designer, cherry picking fabrics that I'd been crushing on for a while.

To kick it off, a little Carolyn Friedlander. You can't go wrong with some Architextures Crosshatch in Tangerine, especially if it's on sale. I wish I could get my hands on the entire line! And some Green Shards from her new line, Carkai. I already have a plan in mind for that one...stay tuned.
I've been caught up in the Blueberry Park craze. I mean, it's printed on my beloved Kona. How could I not buy a wee bit?  I went for Rough Patch in Aqua.
Text print. Austen quotes. What more can one ask for? Perhaps two different colours of Riley Blake's Ardently Austin Text. Yes, please!
I am often half agony half hope. It could be my blog name if A Quarter Inch from the Edge weren't so apt (and more quilting related).
In celebration/mourning of the last episode of Downton Abbey, I gave into my temptation and bought a panel featuring some of the Dowager Countess' most pithy one-liners.
 "What IS a weekend?" I don't know what I'll do with them, but I'll think of something!
No one says it quite like the Dowager Countess.
Now,  in the words of the glittertastic Molli Sparkles, show us what you got!

1. Link up a blog post welcoming any new sewing supplies to your stash.

2. If it is fabric from your existing stash that you've showcased before, please use new photos with as much natural light as possible, and provide as many manufacturing details about the fabric.

3. Try to leave a comment on at least two other links. We want this to be a safe space for sewing supply collectors, after all!

4. Grab the button from Molli Sparkles' blog, and proudly proclaim you endorse Sunday Stashing!


P.S. Perhaps you'll come on back on Friday, March 19th to link up your finishes when I host TGIFF? See you then!


  1. Just popping in to say I always love finding a new post from your blog in my feed. I live in OEI Canada so often order fabric online. It's so exciting to get a package in the mail. Most recently I purchased a bundle of Rhoda Ruth. Delish-us.

  2. I gave in to Green Shards from Carkai myself and wish I had the whole line as well. Thanks for hosting Sunday Stash this week.

  3. Oh want great watching to see what ya create with them.

  4. Every time you add to your stash you make me want to add to mine! Of course I have both of those Carolyn Friedlander prints (used the orange Architextures as binding on my Tranquility quilt- it was killer). And I also covet that text fabric. And I love Downton too! Good additions!

  5. I love a good text print, I shall keep an eye out for the Ardently Austen.

  6. Ohhh those are just gorgeous. You're right, they don't count!

  7. Very nice wins...I wish they were mine!

  8. I've been on the Blueberry Park craze, too. I just had to have a fat quarter of all 75 of them!

  9. Oh my...I want some of the Downtown print. It's awesome!

  10. Nice fabric prizes. I fell off the fabric diet. I have to get back on the wagon, and try again from 3/31/16-3/31/17. So miss Downton Abby, and thought the last episode was perfect. I really wanted a happy, sappy ending. I miss that show on Sunday night a lot. Will you be hosting next Sunday? I will photograph some of my new stash, and post either on your blog or Molli's.

  11. Where did you find the Ardently Austin? I've only seen the B&W online at a Canadian shop and I've been looking for it everywhere.

    1. All of these fabrics were purchased from Fat Quarter Shop. I typically go Canadian for my fabric shopping, but I had a gift certificate!

  12. Winnings totally don't count! I just played with some Blueberry park today. The colors are so yummy! Thanks for hosting.

  13. Easter has passed. Just saying ...
    I was given a beautiful bundle of fabric by my Japanese friend. It was a fortnight ago, but I still haven't taken a photo yet. Must do that!


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