Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday - A little of this, a little of that...

It's been a while since a WIP Wednesday post... not because I haven't been working on things, but more so that I've been hopping from thing to thing. Here are some sneaky wee peakies of projects I've been picking away at. 

This pic is exactly why I have a Kona stash. I was able to select a 24 shade rainbow without buying a single inch of Kona. I ♥ my Kona stash! Psst... only 17 are shown here!
And once they're sewn together, they're even more awesome. Just you wait until you see what they turn into!
And remember when I showed off this lovely Carkai in my Sunday Stash post and said I already had plans for it. Well, Here we are...
My one little irritation with this fabric is that it claims to be Kona colour matched, but there's nowhere (at least that I could find through extensive Googling) where one can find the matches. Off to my trusty Kona swatches - Storm, Peapod, and Green Tea were the closest matches that were also in my stash!

Then off to the cutting mat and rotary cutter! So many pieces, so much masking tape.
 I bet you can guess who this is going to turn into!

And here's another very wee bit. Can't say too much about it, only that it had to be wee and it had to have green. More on that another day!
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  1. ooooh loving that rainbow!! And I spy a hedgehog and a mug?
    Great job matching Carkai, those look spot on!

  2. All great projects. Since I've already seen one and two, can't wait to see number three, which I assume is for tomorrow night.

  3. Wow! What a rainbow! I like the fabrics you paired with Green Shards. They look great together.

  4. Seeing all those beautiful rainbow colors makes me think I need a Kona stash. Not sure what the tiny project is, but I am sure loving the little bit of stitching I'm seeing :)

  5. The rainbow is gorgeous! My Kona collection pales in comparison, obviously :)

  6. Lots of beautiful bits going on here, Jenn. The rainbow is awesome (you have an awesome Kona stash!), color matching to Carkai lots spot on, and that looks like very wee piecing indeed. :)

  7. Ohhhh, that rainbow is to die for! I love it! I can't wait to see what you are making with it. And the beginnings of your hedgehog are so cute, you matched those Konas really well! :) And such tiny wee piecing on the third project!

  8. What's tomorrow night?? Oh wait, Bee, I keep forgetting you have yet another quilting life, one without me. 😭

  9. Your rainbow stripes are lovely. And even more special for coming from your stash.


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