Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May is for Makers - Week 2

Ack! It's Tuesday again and I missed my Monday posting goal. Oops. Better late than never. This week, I've chosen a pattern from my bloggy pal, Kitty @ Night Quilter. I won a few of her patterns, but never bought one. She's such a talented quilter and generous friend! I've selected her newest pattern, Bean Sprout - more paper piecing!
I love how Kitty encourages a love of nature in her kiddos and hope I can walk a similar path with DT! This will make a fun little pillow or maybe a mini quilt.

I managed to make something from the pattern I bought last week from Tiny Toffee Designs. Yes, this fox is as wee as it looks!

It's not too late to jump on the May is for Makers bandwagon. Indie pattern makers can always use your support... perhaps it just means buying a couple a week to catch up! ☺

May Is For Makers | LRstitched.com
 Hmmm... what lovely little pattern will I find for next week?



  1. What a sweet and tiny fox! I love Kitty's new pattern, too.

  2. The Tiny Toffee Fox and Kitty's Bean Sprout are both so precious! Great job with the paper piecing Jenn!

  3. Love that little fox! And the bean sprout is quite cute too!

  4. yay, the tiny fox is so cute!


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