Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WIP Wednesday - A Fabric Pull of Epic Proportions (And a Winner!)

 It all began with this little pile of loveliness.

During our Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Retreat, I was lucky enough to win a 50$ gift certificate to Dinkydoo Modern Fabrics. Squee!!! I treated myself to the Robert Kaufman Carkai Coordinates FQ bundle. It was a wee bit more than my winnings, but I felt it important to support a guild sponsor! ☺ 

But what began, you ask? Well, the fabric pull for my Glamp Stitchalot project! We need 40 (no... that is not a typo) fat quarters and 8 yards of background. Yikes. I didn't want the entire quilt to be Carolyn Frieldander prints. With her as an instructor, it seemed a little too kiss ass-y.  I pulled out the, well... icky colours from the bundle and determined what the Kona coordinating colour was for the remaining prints (hence the wee bit of masking tape).
 Then I went to the stash and started grabbing stuff.
And it turned into this! How to we feel about those navy prints and the blacks in the same project? Truth Tea, y'all. I asked.
It's not a typical pull for me, but I'm digging it. I plan to add the coordinating Konas - Charcoal, Ultramarine, Tangerine, Creamsicle, Blueberry, Leaf, and Flame. That will bring me up to the 40 recommended. 
Feel free to point out any thing that looks amiss. And suggest a background. I'm thinking a low volume. Or perhaps Kona White. Or would Kona Silver be better. Ack.

And now for something completely different! Were you waiting with bated breath for the winner of last week's Throwback Thursday {Volume 10} giveaway? Wait no more! The winner of a custom FQ bundle from my very own stash, as chosen by Mr. Random Number Generator, is... #30 - Sarah @ 123 Quilt! The linked blogs were numbers #1 through 17 and the first comment was #18. I can hardly wait to hear her request.

Thank you to everyone who linked up and who commented. See you on Thursday, June 9th for Throwback Thursday {Volume 11}


P.S. I'm linking up with the lovely Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social!


  1. That is a lovely pull. Holy moly it is a lot of fabric, though! That is going to be an epic quilt! Hmmm... I'm thinking a solid for the background and would audition Kona Snow, Kona Bone, and Kona Silver (personally).

  2. First of all.... That is a lovely pile of fat quarters and adding the solids will make it epic indeed. What a boatload for a fabric requirement! My goodness!!! 8 yards for background? Not backing???

  3. Love your fabric pull! I personally would choose either navy or black rather than both in the same project, but that's just me, and with your color pull navy would get my vote. That's a huge amount of fabric for one quilt!!! And I agree with Yvonne, a solid background would set off all those prints nicely and give the eye somewhere to rest. Make sure you have enough value contrast between your prints and your background.

  4. The black with the navy looks great. Well balanced. What about an Essex dyed linen in charcoal or steel for the background?

  5. You did so good! I'd be at a complete loss!

  6. Truth tea is in the cup of the holder...

    A while back I took a painting course from a well known and highly regarded Canadian artist. At some point during one of the sessions I asked if I should leave a certain element as I'd painted it or if he thought I should try the area again. His response was one that I have etched into my artists mind:
    "If it occurred to you to do it, do it."
    - Brian Ateyo

    So, black and navy together it should be. Roll with it. See where it takes you.

  7. What fun. I think the black and the blue work well together myself. Since you asked, Rather I would look at the (is it?) Jennifer Sampou teal dots and the Riley Blake word fabric. But of course hat's just an opinion, worth exactly what you paid for it, which is nada. Can't wait to see what you make with it at the Glamp thingy.

  8. That's a lot of fabric! Sometimes it's hard to tell from pictures, but the rest of the palette seems to trend lighter. I might actually skip both the navy and the black. Looking forward to seeing what you make with all these fabrics!

  9. Lovely selection, an aspect of quilting I find quite agonising. As far as background goes I was a bit startled by Kona white after using Kona snow but I have to say the finished top was beautifully bright and fresh.

  10. Wow - that is one whopping pile of fabric!! Black and Navy together - what the heck - see how it goes. My pick for background would be Kona Silver - it's my current fav. Can't wait to see what you come back with.

  11. Jenn Such great fabric choices - I like the low volume idea with the mixture - there are so many strong colours that I think it will need a low volume background for balance. Patch had some good ones when I was in last Saturday. I am reorganizing my stash - in rainbow order (that is Kitty Wilkin's influence). Now I too will be able to pick out my gems. Downside my husband saw a lot of my fabric piled on a table. He has some concept of the quantity. But now so do I… I don't need to shop.

  12. I think the navy and black together are great, and provide a nice dark element to the fabric pull. This will be one amazing quilt...but what size will it be? House size? That's a lot of fabric required, especially for the background.

  13. There are some lovely fabrics there. And I am finding the whole pull looks great together. I have a good portion of my fabric pull cut and I'm still failing to see how and where we will be using that amount of fabric....But I am still taking a good amount of fabric with me. Only a couple of weeks to go!

  14. I will introduce you virtually to a good friend of mine, Gabrielle. She's the block lotto co-ordinator for our guild and makes such amazing quilts. And she's nice too. She's going to this as well and I'm so totally jealous. But 18 co-ordinated yards of fabric, wow. I don't know if I could pull that many from stash.


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