Monday, May 16, 2016

May is for Makers - Week 3

Ah... another week of surfing the web, checking out patterns by indie makers. So hard to choose! I'm mixing it up a little this week.
Impossible : Satsuma Street Jody Rice counted cross stitch patterns sayings Nelson Mandela embroidery thecottageneedle wall art 
Yup. Cross stitch. I love me a quote and this one from Nelson Mandela speaks to me. When I was working away on my stitchable iPhone case, I found myself really enjoying it. It's been a long, long time since my cross-stitch days... think university! And so, I've chosen this pattern from Satsuma Street on Etsy. I suspect I'll be heading to Michaels for some supplies this week!
May Is For Makers |
It's not too late to jump on the May is for Makers bandwagon. Still two weeks left! Who knows what I'll find for next week! 



  1. I think it was college era when I was really into cross-stitch, too. I attempted to make a cross stitch holiday stocking for my husband when we got married, but it was waaaaay too ambitious of a project. Something like this would be good for travel for me since I still haven't embraced EPP. Hmm. This is a fun, but somewhat evil movement. ;)

  2. Very cute! I still have a cross stitch baby quilt kicking around. It's almost complete. Those are the things I did before quilting....seems like a lifetime away.

  3. Oh, man cross stitch. How can we forget that? It was my passion before I discovered quilting. It's been forever since I have stitched anything.

  4. This is so cute Jenn and the quote is great!
    Oh the cross stitch projects I have begun... LOL

  5. That's a great quote and the pattern looks really pretty. Enjoy stitching it up!


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